18 Pieces Of Hard Proof That ’90s Fashion Is Coming Back

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First off I ‘love’ how some of these ‘blog’ sites do not leave an option to leave a comment, like the one this post was inspired by. (Cowards)

I spent the 90s in my teens and colored hair really was not big as it is today, maybe it was more so among the celebrity type. Today I think I see more red, blue or green etc colored hair in a crowd of peers and celebrities as well to the minority of what there was in the 90s. Of all of those I hung out with there was one person (a drummer) that had green hair.

I’ve seen the ripped jeans more and more lately as well as legging those are  a couple  things I liked about the 90s. As for the little denim shorts… honestly they are a lot shorter now.. make that MICRO maybe more like macro. Frankly if you can wear these shorts I swear you have no bones. (or at least no butt)

Leggins are back,

they were big in the 90s, especially.

I loved them, they were so comfortable, and I need to find a few more pairs before they stop selling them!

NOW For those of you that are wearing leggings now, If you are trying to copy the 90s look, You are failing MISERABLY!  You are supposed to wear a t-shirt or hoodie that stops below your butt.  

During the summer they had an outfit of a calf length leggins with an over sized Tank top and we’d wear a small shirt or normal size tank top underneath and we’d pull up the leggings to just below our knees, (or just over) IF we didn’t have spandex.  A few of my friends and I loved these during the summer. They were great for the beach especially if you got there early in the morning when there was still a chill or windy, or even arrived later and were staying past dusk for some event. The one we went to was always windy so perfect beach wear!


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I think the Backpack purse started in the 90s (as I don’t recall having a backpack style purse before that) Kipling Bags (even rip offs) have been around and thriving since then. I still have my Purse/daypack. WE also had these boho (?) style, some had denim which If it was denim or some solid color ended up with pins patches and drawings on them

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I think I had one set of overalls but I don’t remember mine having the graffiti on them that was the popular style. I know you could buy them in the store, but others could design their own. ONe of my friends (and neighborhood friends as well) had a pair of shorts like this, I so wanted to steal them from him. Well I got to try them on and at least borrow them (really wish I had them now to make into something).  , Unless you had a trade job, or your name was Clarissa or Blossom, they were not really that cool. (Though I am currently looking for 1-2  overalls to make something out of.) however what they make now, or at least what I saw in some commercial the overalls were way too tight on that girl.

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(Denim) VESTS were not the thing around here, though vests in general (see New Kids on the block I forget which video, Right stuff maybe Hanging Tough  but If i remember right Jordan wore them most as well as Danny & Donny) But those nice casual/dress type vests were the sort to wear in the 90s.

It wasn’t just a denim jacket you wore… Usually the metal heads had them on as an alternate to the leather jacket (especially once the weather was warmer) We would put patches of our favorite bands on it with a few accent pins.   I still have mine…  not sure if it’s in the clothes pile or closet (was adding patches to it). It was originally my father’s jacket and I ‘stole’ it from him. (actually i think it didn’t fit him anymore and that was why, so I sew my patches on this way if I grow out of a band (or something happens that I no longer respect them..) I can take it off.

Another thing… it wasn’t a ‘Black Leather Jacket’ it was specific as in a BLACK BIKER jacket and I mean a biker as in Harley NOT a crotch rocket (like a ninja) jacket

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Double Denim is usually always in fashion especially out west, I call it the Texas Tuxedo (no, I don’t live there, I live in NY)

PLAID was the big fashion icon of the era,

the checker board shirt was considered as such, but those that couldn’t pull off the ‘Grunge’ look with a regular plaid shirt, would wear the checkered shirts. basically the plaid shirt was more an accessory. If you weren’t wearing it, then it was around your waist. Also the boots were taller than what is listed here, yes even with shorts. The easiest way to get the idea… watch My So-called Life

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THESE are the boots you’d want There were 3 different sizes,  ankle, calf and knee high. I know I had a pair of calf high and the knee high,. Oh and the specific brand that was favorable were Doc Martins (I had a friend that had a red pair) and it didn’t matter if it was summer, winter, rain or shine.

We didn’t call them ‘military’ boots, they were called combat boots (or so we called them) and you wore the boots, with EVERYTHING!!! Pants, shorts, dresses and skirts. What can I say… we were badass! There were a few people I knew that had more than one pair! (I wish I had this pair back then!! would have helped when I would hang out with friends in my neighborhood )




The ‘floral’ dresses (or any) I remember of the 90s were those that Mayim Bialik wore on Blossom. I had one of those long ones we wore with combat boots, and one of those velvet(een) like one that were worn as a dress or a shirt. (was great if you were working and then would be going out right afterwards!) Some would wear leggings under it and wear it as a shirt. So it was a 2 in one deal. Here’s a purple one. Sadly couldn’t find a picture of the hat like I had.

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The summer shoe of choice, for some reason. I remember having a pink pair, but as for which of these designs I had them in both the blue as well as the 1st clear pair look familiar. I don’t ever remember seeing the sandal version though. For some reason I’d love to see them again, but 1. afraid how much they would charge for them and 2. I remember these used to rip my heel a new one! Sometimes these looked more classy than regular shoes in the summer.

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Aside from Ginger spice in the photo from the  Source: 18 Pieces Of Hard Proof That ’90s Fashion Is Coming Back  that inspired me to write this…  I don’t remember anyone wearing platform shoes; But then again I do remember I had a pair that looked like sneakers and that was in 96 or 98 when I went to Toronto for the first or 2nd time. But I don’t remember many aside from other music stars and celebrities wearing them.


The Greatest ’90s Fashion Trends | Complex

What it means when you’re tired but have a sudden burst of energy before bedtime

You go on with your day maybe you are like me and no matter what time you wake your brain (or body) doesn’t seem to officially wake up until 9am maybe noon.

I have never been a morning person, actually .. that might be a bit of a ‘lie’. If like me you remember Saturday Morning cartoons in the 80s, then that MIGHT have been the only time. I remember they used to come on at least at 9am and were on until 1-3 in the afternoon. (They may have started earlier but I’m lucky if I remember what time I woke this morning.)

In High school I wouldn’t go to sleep until Midnight (the latest), I’d be fine the next morning.  When I was working (and I usually got up the last minute I could as when I started the place my house was up the hill so If I had to walk it was only 15 minutes to get there.)  Here no matter the time i’d go to sleep (usually 11pm unless I fell asleep earlier) I never seemed to be able to ‘wake up’ before 9am (Brain body whatever) even my Boss knew better than the bug me before then. I was basically just a robot til then. Noon I’d be even more aware. Then it was down hill a few hours after that, and around 3 or 4 I as well as my co-workers would seem to perk back up again.

I’d call that 3 pm the 2nd wind of the day, but what they call in the article below, is not a 2nd wind. (maybe 3rd wind).

With me if I go to bed at a certain time every day (like one does while working) that is what happens to me. So sometimes its a good idea (like when you have the next day off or on vacations) to stay up later past your the usual time you go to bed.

Due to medical problems I am not working, one of them being Anxiety. When they speak of your mind Racing, that is what mine would do when I’d try to fall asleep when I was working. Sometimes it still does. (It’s your anxiety of the day usually, things you wish you said problems and even things you need to get done, what you want to really do instead of those things and so on)

I like to read an hour or so before bed, I normally read print books for that but I do occasionally read on my kindle.  Also I do play games on it for a bit as well, that never seems to be a factor to falling asleep. I do have melatonin by my bedside for the times I have to get up early and think I might have a problem getting to sleep (because I have to  go to bed earlier than I usually do) Sadly when I take it, I end up waking up earlier even if its just for a minute or 2 but it still makes it hard to get up (as if I stayed up all night) you are supposed to take them half an hour before going to bed. And I do so, I also have an over the counter sleeping pill which I take a few hours before bed so I will hopefully not be so groggy when waking. (Sort of helps and I stay asleep)

You can even have some warm milk (or even better hot cocoa..) and don’t tell me you can’t drink milk.. they have plenty of substitutes for diets and those allergic to actual milk. That (if no one else is already asleep) I can make, otherwise I usually just have the fits when I can’t fall asleep. I’ll lay in bed and it’ll have felt like an hour then I get antsy and anxious and panicky (especially if I have an appointment or something to do the next day.) The only thing I can really do is read awhile then try to fall asleep again.

I usually try to put the laptop or tablet away 3 hours before I plan to go to bed. I read or I might just watch tv, write a letter or work on some other form of my writing (Blog posts, taking notes for one of the pages on my blogs Like I have a Vampire Bible, Or The Norse Culture on ZodiacImmortal.wordpress.com there’s Stories I’m writing, Poems or notes for a story.)  Yeah I know I have way too many hobbies/interests. Really Wish it could only be one or 2.

I notice that when I get creative, it wipes me out a bit. Maybe if you do something creative, like sewing or making a bracelet or necklace or just try to plan how you may want to re-arrange a room might help you out.


What it means when you’re tired during the day but have a sudden burst of energy before bedtime

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WHY you should never sleep in a room above 70 degrees

When I was little the 3 family house I grew up in, my landlord would have the heat so high we’d walk around the house like it was summer. we’d have the windows open all through winter. When we moved, even when the heat came on, it was never warm enough to feel like room temperature, or a little warmer.

I think where we moved after that, we are finally in a sort of middle ground, however the heat does come up so fast and hot that even after I take a shower… I feel like I need another a few minutes later. I still leave my window open in the winter, even if its really cold.

For one I heard it helps combat those wrinkles, or does something to help the skin, so to keep from getting dry skin, (I can’t ever imagine mine being so as its oily but just to be safe) I try to be sure I put a little moisturizer…a good one on before I bed down.)


WHY you should never sleep in a room above 70 degrees

30 ideas to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget


Love the Bleach marker idea as well as the shirt (she tapes up) and what she does when repourposing the jeans.

Road Test: We Tried Chris Hemsworth’s New Fitness App, Centr

Sadly I’m not able to try it as its on iTunes only (I believe)


Road Test: We Tried Chris Hemsworth’s New Fitness App, Centr From GQ Magazine

How to grow nails longer faster

This time of year sees harder to grow ones nails that the warmer months. Well the winter weather makes them chip, peel and break because of the dry cold air. So


To grow nails faster…

Calcium is a great source

BIOTIN (like the Hair Nails and skin vitamins or gummies)

foods HIGH in vitamin B7 LIMIT

exposure to water and avoid harsh chemicals & detergents (use cleaning gloves to wash dishes)

Orange Juice & Lemons have vitamin C

Olive oil can keep them moist (esp. in winter so there’s no as much cracking and peeling)

and Coconut oil has a variety of nutrients


You can check out this nail soak as well after looking through that.. Honestly You really only need to file your nails a bit, and buff the tops to get circulation going. Be sure to keep nail & cuticle moisturized and THAT will keep nails from peeling and chipping as well as a coat of Sally Hansen Triple strong,    OR Sally Hansen’s Grow nails now (its an orange bottle) or their Nail Growth Miracle Growth Treatment.

10 Superfoods to Help Your Nails Grow …

Growing your nails out can seem like a difficult task if you’re not getting the right nutrients in your body, but with the help of these superfoods to help your nails grow, you’ll be well on your way to healthy nails in no time! Eating the right nutrients from certain foods can increase the rate at which your hair and nails grow, along with their strength and overall healthiness. The following superfoods to help your nails grow are rich in certain vitamins that give your nails length and strength. A nice little bonus to eating these foods is they also give you a great body naturally, a healthy heart, and prevent depression by containing so many brain-boosting nutrients! Eat up for better health and longer nails in no time!See the source image

1. Salmon Certain protein sources such as salmon, that are rich in Vitamin D and protein, are some of the best superfoods to help your nails grow. Vitamin D is a powerful nutrient that helps the immune system, along with bone, skin and nail health. Protein that is found in salmon fuels the growth of nails by helping to manufacture collagen in the body, which helps skin, hair and nail growth.

2. Eggs are rich in the B vitamin biotin, which is one of the most potent nutrients for your nails, as well as a powerful nutrient for your skin and hair. Eggs are also rich in protein and Vitamin D, which make them an all-around great food to help your nails grow. If you’re looking to get healthy nails fast, then be sure to include this nutrient-rich food if you enjoy them.

3. Spirulina  is a deep sea algae that is most often sold as a powder. Though it smells a little like the ocean, it is one of the most powerful beauty foods on the planet. Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll, which is the green pigment that makes plants green. Chlorophyll helps plants to grow and thrive through sunlight, and since spirulina is rich in chlorophyll, this powerful nutrient helps our hair, skin and nails to grow. Spirulina is the number one food highest in protein per ounce, with 4 grams per tablespoon. It is also rich in Vitamin A, iron and B12, which make it a wonderful food for your nail growth. I like to add it to smoothies and mask the taste with a sweeter ingredient like fruit or stevia. A nice little bonus is it gives you a ton of energy!

4. Coconut Oil  contains rich fats that are overall wonderful for your body and your appearance. Coconut oil’s medium chain trygleride fats act in a very special way in the body, helping the liver to filter out toxins. The fats in coconut are immediately for energy, which also aid in metabolism functions and immunity. Coconut’s fats are used to nourish the body on a deep level, and since they are somewhat of a cleansing food, they help to fuel nail growth by keeping the body healthy. The fats also help the body to absorb nutrients from other foods. Many beauty vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E and K are all fat soluble, meaning they need healthy fats to be absorbed. By eating coconut oil and coconut, the body can properly absorb nutrients better to help our skin, hair and nails look their best. Coconut oil is also a great remedy to help your hair grow and clear your skin. It is one of my top beauty foods!

5. Chicken  Chicken is beaming with B vitamins, protein and is rich in zinc. This powerful combination creates a synergistic array of nutrients that send your hair, skin and nails into growth mode. Chicken is also a lean protein, making it a good addition to making sure your body is nourished. A lack of protein in the diet can result in your hair and nails breaking, so be sure to include quality proteins like chicken, which is rich in amino acids, to your diet. If you’re vegan or vegetarian and don’t eat meat, then just read on to the next food to get all the amino acids you need without needing meat.

6. Hemp Seeds  Hemp seeds are rich in all essential amino acids and protein, which are easily absorbed by the body. Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein is needed for healthy nail growth, you want to make sure to get plenty in your diet. Hemp seeds are also rich in healthy fats that nourish the body, along with iron, B vitamins and vitamin E. All of these nutrients help your skin, hair and nails grow faster. I like to enjoy hemp seeds on salads, in smoothies and in homemade energy bars. Always buy hemp seeds raw and organic when purchasing, and store them in the fridge or freezer to prevent rancidity. Their healthy fats are precious so you want to keep them intact!

7. Spinach is one of the most powerful greens on the planet and is a great food for your nails. Spinach is rich in protein with almost 5 grams per cup and it contains Vitamin E, iron, B vitamins such as folate, and Vitamin A. Vitamin A and folate are both beauty nutrients, as I like to call them, because they serve as powerful antioxidants in the body that fight free radicals. Free radicals age the skin, break down collagen and prevent us from looking our best. Antioxidants that fight free radicals are found abundantly in Vitamin A rich foods and folate rich foods. These nutrients help to keep us looking our best by fighting away the bad guys! Spinach is also rich in chlorophyll, which is a wonderful nutrient for hair, skin and nail growth.

8. Pumpkin Seeds  Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful food for your nails, along with your heart, your weight, your hair and your skin. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Vitamin E, protein, zinc, fiber, and are alkaline forming, meaning they fight inflammation in the body. The combination of all of these nutrients make pumpkin seeds excellent for your hair. Zinc and Vitamin E have been directly linked to hair, skin and hair health and are found in most nuts and seeds. Make your own raw trail mix and you’ll be well on your way to long nails in no time!


9. Avocados  are another rich source of Vitamin E, folate and other B vitamins, plant protein and Vitamin A. Avocados are a wonderful beauty food! Add them to salads, smoothies, sauces, homemade dressings and more. Every single nutrient in avocados helps your nail health, and the healthy fats help your body absorb these nutrients faster and more efficiently. I know I sure don’t need an excuse to eat these little gems since I love them so much.

10. Brazil Nuts   are a wonderful source of selenium. In fact, you can get your entire daily requirements of selenium in one Brazil nut! What is selenium? Selenium is a powerful mineral that is responsible for many functions in the body, but most importantly, it serves as an antioxidant that fuels protein enzymes. This helps your body make collagen more efficiently from protein sources that you eat. Selenium also prevents cell damage, meaning it keeps your cells healthy, which in turn helps your hair, skin and nails to grow faster. When cell damage occurs in the body, we don’t look our best and our body can’t do its job to repair our cells. Our nails crack and break, our skin may break out or look dry and wrinkled, and our hair will be damaged and break off. By preventing cell damage, our cells are nourished, and can flourish to keep us looking and feeling our best. Brazil nuts are also rich in Vitamin E, B vitamins and zinc, which are also great for cellular health, and nail growth.

my diet, which includes an array of plant protein, nuts and seeds, healthy fats and lots of leafy greens and green superfoods. When you learn to eat for beauty, the rest just takes care of itself! Have you had any luck with finding foods that help your nails grow?