Dry Shampoo

With the summer here, and running from work to the beach or a party with barely time in between to get home and shower. Or when you are trying to preserve a coloring, perm or straightening.. Dry shampoo is a good way to keep your hair clean without over shampooing. (a real shampooing every other to ever 2 days is better for your hair.)

*all links are to amazon for your ordering convenience (unless otherwise noted) as well so you can see other versions.

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Years ago I came across Batiste Dry shampoo which was a spray. I can’t remember where i purchased it or how I found out about it but its great for after the beach, work day, workout and so on. I even keep it in my overnight bag for when I stay over someone’s house. (I have long hair, I don’t want to clog up their drain.)

Oh yeah and now, there’s a variety of scents to choose from. I’ll have to see if I can find the tropical one.

Here’s the regular size 6.73 oz can  &

a pack of 3 travel (purse) size 





While once the one type (out of the UK) was good, you can’t keep others fingers out of the cookie jar. Other companies jumped on the bandwagon with not just sprays but Mists, foams, powders and sheets.

All four of those types are used for different hair types.


Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo 4.9 OzNORMAL Hair

Mist  – Lightweight mists disperse protective ingredients like antioxidants for instance.

Herbal Essences White Strawberry & Sweet Mint Dry Shampoo, 4.9 oz 








OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam - 1.5 oz. Travel SizeDry Hair

FOAM- formulas cleanse, sans dust which can be drying and moisturizes with conditioning ingredients

This one for my tastes is expensive, even if I did have dry hair I likely wouldn’t use it.

Travel Size    & Regular size 



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Oily Hair

Sheets- great for travel, gym bag (just as the others are well maybe not the powder)  and mess free. The sheets eliminate tell tall grease at the roots throughout the day without having to pile on product!

Nunzio Saviano Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets  $22 for 50 sheets


See the source imageThin Hair

Powder – nonaerosol powders typically have larger particles and therefore thicken better than mists.

Briogeo Scalp revival charcol + biotin dry shampoo

OMG I complained about that other price.. this is a 1. something ounce and its $24!!!

but then again oh wait you save a couple on Amazon.



I bought a Dry shampoo powder and it was a nice coconut scent. I by LUSH $8.95

I jsut don’t recall if its one of their vegan products as most are. You can call and ask 1 888 733 5874 (as well as to place and order)


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In case it is not..  There’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Shampoo for brunettes and blondes.


Spread it evenly  through your hair with a Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush.

I’ve been using these brushes for everything for years, and my cat loves them too! She brushes herself with my old one. Shampooing, conditioning and dry shampoo. Even getting an even amount of product (hairspray or gel depending on the style.)



Hair Died? or Hair Dyed?

If you have yet to dye your hair for the first time, (highlight or full on)? Save the money to have it done at the salon the first time. If you can’t afford a full dye job, go for highlights, they’re fun. This is how I started. I had my hair highlighted red.


To start, I highly suggest doing any hair dying in the months you spend the least amount of time in the sun. Likely October or November  – February or march. The reason for this is if you get it done in the summer and do not properly care for it,  you will lose the color fast.

Care & Maintenance

Sitting in the sun bleaches your hair, so if you are gardening, tanning or playing outdoor sports or workouts  you need a hat or scarf. Otherwise if you can’t be bothered by the hat or scarf, (or like my father have a hard time finding hats that fit your head) use a high grade sublock with UVA/UVB protection not only on your body but brush or finger it through your tresses.

You MUST change Shampoo & conditioner to color safe/defying. Buy the same Brand etc. they are made to work together. I came across 3 Good House keeping tested, and you will find them in the link on how to make your color last.


First off Do not wash your hair a day or 2 before dying (doesn’t matter if its in the salon or in a box at home. Your scalp/hair’s natural oils will protect your hair from the chemicals of the bleach and dye.

Highlight or Dying

When I first had my hair colored I got it highlighted. They put the highlighting cap on my head, it fits tight.

They pull the hair out with what looks like a crochet needle then bleach.

Man did I look funny when my hair was bleached. Now i know somewhat what I would look like as a blonde so I don’t think I’d even get highlights of that. Light browns, red or bright colors (I do want to try purple and green! but not enough of money to get it professionally done, plus I would need bleaching for those colors for sure.

Once your hair is dyed (even if they don’t style it) DO NOT WASH IT when you go home. Water and most (even color safe) shampoos are enemy. I’ve covered this in the ” How to make your color last” post linked below. I looked up a few links to help you out:

11 Things to Know Before Dyeing Your Own HairSee the source image

Expert Tips on Hair Coloring

15 Things You Must Know Before Coloring Your Hair


Just please Do not use the noted shampoos the 3 links  mention. The posts are at least a year old or more,  so the shampoos are not the newest tested, and may strip the color.   I’ve covered shampoos and colored hair enemies  in MAKE YOUR COLOR LAST post. This includes 3 color defying shampoos and conditioners tested by Good Housekeeping in 2018.



Make your color last

I recently came across an issue of Good Housekeeping which I was surprised to find a few beauty tips in.

This one was how to make your hair color last whether its DIY or from the salon. Save your haircolor, cash and keep it nice and shiny longer.

The tips from their lab…

Get out of the water!!

Wait what?  Water is the main culprit, with or without shampoo the dye molecules leach out add that to any chlorine, salt, and minerals in the water which cause the outter layer of the hair known as the cuticle to lift. This accelerates the loss of pigment.

There’s a few things you can do these are both from GH or my own experience/use.

For one, GH mentions a showerhead that filters out damaging elements.

When you go swimming, use a bathing cap or put a coat or 2 of LEAVE-IN conditioner through your hair.

I can up them on that. I not only use sunblock on my body, when I was dying my hair, I used to put sunblock through my hair as well. (back to that later)

Also remember whenever you first get your hair dyed, DO NOT wash it I think they say 24 hours, I wait 48-72 hours. (basically, I wait until my hair looks greasy. (which if you pull it back into a braid, no one can tell )

Also I have known about dry shampoo for years. I love it and in the summer when I carry it, I also carry a travel size shine spray (or a little hair oil or the olive oil brand hair lotion into my hair for some shine)

Hair Oils….  Argan Oil, Jojoba, Coconut,

Ors Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion 8.5 Ounce (251ml) (3 Pack)Here’s the direct link to it on Amazon


Both the magazine and I agree

Gloss is the Boss

Collor enhancing Gloss can boost shine and a sheer tint to revive your shade between appointments. You can get one at the salon, or buy one in store close to your shade and apply it every couple of weeks.  John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss  is available for $12 in drugstores.

Shun the Sun

The sun works like a bleach. You’ve seen beach bums and surfers with dark hair have blonde looking hair on top? For a long time I did not I thought they dyed it to be like that, or that it only happened in California, maybe Hawaii and other places of that sort.  Then it happened to me and not when my hair was dyed, it was my own natural color, and I’ve got dark brown hair.

I used to work outside 5 days a week sometimes 6 up to 10 hours a day. I had been laid off in August or September of 2010, I forget how many months after I dropped by to say Hi and see how everyone was doing. One of the girls looked at me and said man your hair got dark.  So I would say that proves it, though I don’t think I have photos to show it. My Dark brown went to a light to medium brown.

So it’s not only dyed hair that breaks down but the melanin that gives natural hair its pigment. Now remember I mentioned using sunblock in my hair (I think they make one specific for the hair by Biolage but it has been awhile since I heard about it so I’m not 100% sure on the brand.I did look to see if I could find something to suggest to try (original Scalp screen with UVA/UVB protection) but as I said Instead of using something seperate I just use whatever lotion or spray sunblock I already bought for my body. It saves me money, and works fine.

The magazine does suggest though that if you will be exposed to the sun for long periods use a hat or a scarf.

Shampoo Smarter

There’s no such thing as ‘total color safe shampoo’ (being water being the first enemy of hair color) and not only does the Good Housekeeping lab say so, I could have told you so from experience.  I was dying my hair for a few years. I think I tried (for the time) every type of color safe shampoo/conditioner. It would still look like the red sea in the tub when I’d wash my hair.  Sulfate-Free shampoos are thought to slow down color loss, GH test found that don’t always perform better than those with sulfates. Extend the life of your color with a proven formula labeld for color treated hair.

l also saved my color by washing every couple days Durinig the summer wash every other day to every 2 days in the winter every 3-4 days.

Good Housekeeping tested shampoos and 3 stood out.  They “evaluated label blinded products pairs at all price points on testers with color treated hair and on dyed and bleached hair swatches.

  • Fade resistance over time
  • conditioning ability
  • shine enhancement
  • cleaning, ease of use and  scent
  • look and feel of hair after use

they note that their research shows that the products all performed best when they were paired with their conditioner counterparts of the same brand and collection which are formulated to work together.

Their ‘Power Preserver’

 Treseme Keratin smooth color Shampoo and conditioner   85/100 score

Infused with argan and marula oils this duo gets Top marks for leaving hair feeling clean, boosting shine and hydration as well for its fresh scent. They feel creamy like a salon product leaves hair soft and shiny.

The hair swatches showed the least color change after a  20 wash cycle=simulating 5 washes per week over 4 weeks and 10 hours of UV exposure)  supposed to be

$5 each in drugstores


The Sulfate-free Star

OGX Fade Defying + Orchard oil shampoo and conditioner    78/100

Best for those who are sensitive to Sulfates, the cleansing ingredients that irritate sensitive skin.

Rated best for rinsing out well, highlights were more vibrant and  the color lasted longer and softening hair.

Came in CLOSE behind the winner for fade prevention and second for conditioning effects

$8 each in ULTA or buy both in 13 oz bottles for $21.99 in the above link.


Most Moisturizing

Hair food Color Protect Shampoo and conditioner  77/100

The hair food set has the richest conditioning and hydration. as well as color saving benefits.

Easiest to dispense and least irritating (the shampoo is sulfate free) After five weeks, one of the testers hairdressers commented on it. Dying hair can leave ones hair feeling very dry (especially when bleached first) one of the testers said she “loved how moisturized it felt after one use”

Came out on top in the lab’s wet combing test using the Instron device which engages conditioning (you should NOT wet comb your hair!! It pulls hair out and leaves split ends)  sadly it did not score as well as the others in color retention.

$10 each @ Target  or both on Amazon for $19.68


You might also want to use ‘It’s a 10’ haircare I was not sure if I wanted to include this in this post or the next post for dying hair.

However  for coloring or a perm this is a great product even for natural non chemicaly treated hair.

Its a Miracle leave-in product with 10 benefits in each bottle!

  1. repairs
  2. adds shine
  3. tames frizz
  4. protects color
  5. detangles
  6. prevents split ends
  7. Curbs breakage
  8. softens
  9. boosts body
  10. protects hair from heat.

I’m not sure if its still useable or expired but if you purchase on the site use WH15 at checkout to save 15%.

You can also find it on amazon


12 Brilliant Dryer Sheet Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before

Back in the 90’s or early 2000s I think it was, I figured out a way to keep my winter hats, and hoods from static not to mention my hair from looking like I’ve seen a ghost or stuck my finger in an electric socket. Use a dryer sheet!!

I leave dryer sheets in all my hats and hoods as well as sweatshirts, fleece and those sort of type of fabrics that are shocking!

I drag a dryer sheet over my hair, as well try to go over whichever brush I am using, especially if it’s those close bristle brushes like the photo below. (I also use some Olive Oil hair lotion or some form of oil like argan oil to keep the hair tamed)

So with that give the sprays, cleaners, and devises a rest, dryer sheets are extremely useful…

Source: 12 Brilliant Dryer Sheet Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before

20 things to do when you are Bored

Its the end of January and some of you may have cabin fever, just think how you will feel by February or March. In this day and age  I don’t get how ANYONE with all the crap we have to ‘toy’ around with and so on, how can one get bored?

There are endless Apps, LOADs of great shows on television now (I Highly suggest watching Lethal Weapon.. its my stand out favorite new show last year.) Plus there’s streaming as well, and all the stuff from the past on youtube.

a few suggestions?

*Watch Lethal Weapon, Game of Thrones or Vikings

*Write a short story or a poem on how you feel

*as much as I hate to…. exercise a bit.  (do one of each)

*I have a giant pile of books and only 2 small bookcases,  organize your books by alphabetical order (the ones you plan to keep) or make each shelf a different genre, I’ve also seen where people put all books of one color together and look quite pretty especially if you do it as an accent wall)

*READ a print or digital book

*Get a hobby for instance ( I make jewelry and sew among other things like paint…not like I’m good at drawing in the first place but I just freehand the whole thing. I have a few blogs (this, one for writing,   Crafts, and my Entertainment one which is the one that keeps me the busiest.and there’s my main one which aside I post random stuff that doesn’t fit to the others, (and I do repost some of the articles and reviews from my other blogs there.

*Play a board or card game with family or friends.

*Is it the spring or summer? Is it a Saturday?  Go check out some Yard or whatever you want to call them sales, or even a flea market (why are they called that anyway?)  All the ones I’ve been to have sold new stuff Like the Big one in Englishtown new jersey and Stormville.

*You know those adult coloring books? Buy one and some colored pencils (they look best that way to me, though if you get one where the pages have the art on one side, then why not try watercolor as well?)

*Decide what you will wear the next few days

*make a list, any list

*Go through your closet, and see what no longer fits.

*write a short story

20 things to do when you are bored

How A Pair Of Rainbow Socks Changed My Life – The Mission – Medium

See the source imageAfter reading this story, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. You see I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety and I thought this was something that might help others. I like those crazy novelty socks I have a pair I call my ‘movie socks’  as I usually wear them when I see a movie in the theatre, they have popcorn and popcorn bags on them. I also have a vampire mouth on another pair. Some socks have cats on them I have a pair with Scooby doo as well a small collection of Halloween socks.

If you are feeling glum be it depressed for the past month or more or just sad for a few days.. push that gloomy cloud away with a special treat for yourself…

For instance, the story that inspired this post  How A Pair Of Rainbow Socks Changed My Life – The Mission – Medium

Buy yourself something out of the ordinary than you normally would. only wear solids? Get checker, stripes, polka dots wear pastels? buy bold or neon colors heck mix the previous and that together. Better yet look for something that is the craziest, ugliest or something that actually makes you laugh when you see it.

Find a hobby. If it’s is some sort of craft, the progress and completion of even a small project will make you proud especially when and if you use that hobby to make gifts for friends and family. People are surprised when they hear you made something yourself. (and it’s so much better than what I feel is empty praise when you are a kid and draw something that looks like a scribble)

Here’s some of my creations (photography, Drawing, Jewelry made and whatever else) and some newer stuff


Have a pet? cuddle with them, pet them let them lay in our lap. Pets lower high blood pressure and if your pet is anything like my cat Sully, they should be full of laughs. If not You can see any videos I post of Sully on YouTube on Rocklvr76 as well as all the other cats and animal videos on there. (try a cat compilation)

Honestly I do have a guilty pleasure but I never feel guilty about it so does it count as one? If I catch Tom and Jerry on (the old ones I grew up with) I’ll watch and they still surprisingly make me laugh. The newer ones not as much but sometimes do have that good old formula but can’t beat those old ones. Same with Looneytoons.

In closing  if you get mad don’t just curse or insult someone, give yourself (and maybe even the idiot who is pissing you off) a laugh.

Put  3 words together with the same first letter like “You’re an abstract asinine ant-eater” or abstract asinine artifact…


Let me know your insults and what you got that makes you happy and chases away the blues.