Fun Halloween Nails

I thought you might like some Halloween theme Nail art ideas!
I like the mummy one, but have peel off stickers I came across of various designs so I will likely try to use them, but I will be a mummy this year, so not sure what I want to do.


2 thoughts on “Fun Halloween Nails

    • Hey No prob! I don’t use make up much anymore I guess in a way you could say doing my nails is now! Depending on my mood I do them myself either plain or if I think i can actually do the design I want. I’ve come across in a dollar store designs you peel & stick on your nails. So I’ll see how those go. I just wish my memory card would work in my computer (no idea why it doesn’t) at least that way I could show some of the designs I’ve done. Plus the ideas for videos I could do for this blog.

      stay tuned I am just starting this & have a lot of material for this & my other blogs!

      If you’d like to be a contributor let me know, you just need to send your email address so I can invite you to write


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