Halloween Make-up removal

While for your day to day make up you just need a remover wipe, maybe just soap & water or a wash & need to use astringent afterwards,

Halloween is a whole other ordeal!


If you use the stuff you buy in the stores around Halloween, be sure you have astringent  if you have sensitive skin be sure you use Neutrogena or I think it’s called Simply Clean (I know its in green packaging, you might find it in a link on Skin Sin )  as it is made for that type of skin. aside from that I prefer the Sea breeze brand, it feels nice & cooling, if you have a nick or anything it may sting a bit but it will get that goo off quicker.

You will or may need

  • baby oil (pref. with aloe)
  • Spirit Gum remover
  • Soap & Water
  • Astringent
  • Moisturizer



Basic Removal

Use a cotton pad soak it with astringent & wipe around face, You may need to repeat.

Now wash your face as usual

You might want to go over your face one more time with the astringent to make sure all the dirt, oil & make-up are out of your skin.


Exorcising the Monster 

There are some  make-up FX that will not come off with the basics. Last year when I did this I did a make-up sort of inspired from Face-off it was supposed to be burns, missing skin etc. (I was a zombie soldier. A friend saw the pic & wants me to do their make-up this year!

It took me I don’t think any more than an hour to make the burn look & mouth wound on my face,as well as  the hand wound. However once the Trick or Treaters stopped (or just wanted to get to my festivities) around 8 pm I forgot about the spirit gum remover! I was putting baby-oil on my face & trying to get it to soak in enough to get the stuff off, switching to the astringent, &  back again while in between washing my face. In total it took me until 11 or midnight to clean up (and I think I still had remnants here and there the next day).


before the basic removal use

if you have put a prosthetic on or used spirit gum to adhere anything to your skin

*spirit gum adhesive remover


(should it not work or you have very little)

*baby oil


then use the basic procedure

Once all the make up is off, use some moisturizer as it will soothe your skin


Here’s my Making the monsters Post you can check out for more on doing your Halloween make-up as well as removing it

(if I can I may reblog  The post I mentioned to this blog as well.)


You can also find a link to the main page for the halloween make up effects page on there if you want to check out some video ho tos!



Replies and feedback always welcome

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