From @Beautytips

Get rid of ingrown hairs by exfoliation. This gets rid of dead skin cells  and allows hair to break through the surface. (Find more On the Original Beauty Balm, I am still trying to bring it to WordPress’ standards)


want softer skin? add rose water and coconut oil to warm bath water.  Soak for 20 minutes then rinse


Blueberries are great for fighting wrinkles due to their antioxidants (which also prevents you from getting sick)


make your eye pop!  On the inner corners use a shimmer eyeshadow (white) . It’s an eye opening effect.


Argan oil is made from a tree that withstands all sorts of harsh weather, it’s also used for skin, nails & hair


@Beautytips notes to use petroleum jelly by dabbing on pulse points before  spraying on your perfume. (this stuff first of all clogs pores, 2 you can get the same effect by spraying your perfume or body spray into your hand first & rubbing  a bit then rub your hands on your neck, & arms. It lasts all day (at least for me) and you also don’t smell like you used the whole bottle!


Limit eating salty foods which cause fluid retention and eye puffiness but if you do be sure to drink more water and for the eye puffiness just relax with cucumber slices or ice on your eyes


Use a slice of lemon to lighten  & prevent any age spots, especially on hands which age fast!

Honey is a natural antibacterial agent, beauty tips suggests to use this as a spot treatment


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