7 Busy Girl Life Hacks

Life Hacks

Inspired girl drowned in procrastination.

Here’s 7 simple life hacks for a busy girl.

1. Have a headache?
Take a whiff of peppermint oil! It relieves your headache almost instantly. You can put it on your skin (if it’s really strong it may give you a minty ‘burn’ feeling, it’s alright, it’s all natural) as well. You can keep it in your locker at school and if you want a little touch up on your perfume, take a roller ball (I have one of peppermint in my locker) and put it on your wrist.

2. Running late?
Make a playlist that is as long as you have in the morning to get ready. If you are on the last song, you will know you are late!

3. Can’t fall asleep?
Do some yoga or stretches while laying in bed for a few minutes and afterword you’ll fall asleep in no time!

4. Love snacking but…

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