Emotional Fitness

A feeling always urges acting. When you stop, think, and agree with the feeling that something  needs to be done, you need a  game plan. Here’s one.

cave-man-plan A Cave Man’s Game Plan

Even this primitive game plan has merit.  How? Four ways.

  1. It is goal driven.
  2. Moving rocks is hard work; hard work reduces energy; the energy of  mad, bad, sad feelings is what  gets you acting too quickly and without a game plan.
  3. It accomplishes a task of some sort; maybe the cave man is clearing a field,  building a wall or a house.
  4. It seems  to have no violent intent. Of course, cave man could be stock piling rocks to hit a neighbor over the head, but lets assume that would only be done in the interest of self-defense.

Three ingredients assure winning  game plans:

  1. Knowing  the opposition
  2. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Developing multiple action options


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