PETs and The Secret to Happiness


Recently you learned about ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts – and how quickly they can turn your picnic into a nightmare. An ANT is a code-phrase that unhappy people tell themselves repeatedly when things don’t go their way. Whether something is blocking progress (e.g., an obstacle, but it might just be more steps to getting where they want to be), threatening success (e.g., an external risk factor, but maybe only self-doubt), or they ended up losing precious value along the way (e.g., an over-priced purchase, personal sacrifice, or the loss of loved one), chronically unhappy people begin repeating these code-phrases to themselves, which opens what might have been a perfectly nice picnic to the mental terrorism of negative thoughts.

We learned that an important and necessary step to a pest-free picnic is simply to pay attention to your ANTs. Once the “automatic” nature of these negative code-phrases is interrupted and brought into…

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