Colour Correction

Beauty As I Know It


Sometimes it is nice to touch on subjects on my blog that are a little different from the norm so I have decided to mix things up a little & talk about colour correcting.

Green correctors are perfect for neutralising redness, you can use green on top of an angry red spot, blotchiness, broken veins & patches of redness on the skin like rosacea & even acne scars. If you did not want to apply a cream corrector you can buy green based primers. You only need the smallest amount, you will need to ensure you really blend this out too.

Purple correctors are ideal for unwanted yellow tones. If you suffer from dull & / or pasty skin purples can add a lovely glow to sallow skin. If you have yellow tones across the whole face you can get purple primers which is brilliant.

Pink / Peach / Salmon…

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