Posting Posts…

I thought of an idea so that I can hopefully work on entries (especially if I have to write reviews or anything like that)  for all my theme blogs as well as edit my pages in my blogs (as I am still working on the Squidoo transfer to hubpages & trying to get to the guidelines) as well as maintaining & making new ones)


my blogs, some of my own entries (instead of reblogging or just posting an image)

Music Mondays    (meaning each Monday I will post whatever news etc. I find for Audio Literacy  on this day)

Tuesday ‘tainment  (I will be sure to post something Entertainment wise on tuesday, to Multi-screen MO-T-Vision.  I was thinking maybe focusing on Tv for this day otherwise I normally blog if not everyday every few days.

Writing Wednsdays  via Miss Musings Writing Essentials (I think this explains itself )

Beauty  Thursday   being as you will likely be going out over the weekend I will post something on the beauty blog (for sure, this way if you don’t see something for a few days you KNOW I will post that day. I just ask, is there anything specific I should post for this day?  (maybe a fashion friday if I can but as far as thursdays go? Make-up, fitness, diet, skin care etc? Please let me know what you think below. 

Likely I may still post each day, or every other or  few times a week here (as there is no limit of beauty tips & tricks out there, esp on Pintrest) but

Friday Crafts this way you have all weekend to master the project and make the item.

(honestly I am still working on that last knot I posted. Once I get it I can’t seem to get it to knot right.)





Replies and feedback always welcome

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