15 Minute bandmate workout


Happy Holiday

I thought to post this ahead of time, and if I have a chance I will post again ( three straight days we’ll be in and out visiting. Tomorrow I hope I’ll be able to get some baking done, if all goes well I’ll be able to post one or 2 more times this week)


In honor of the holidays I thought to post a workout. This I scanned from (I think it was) an issue of Woman’s Health.

You can at least get some of your exercise while away. And it’s easy to pack, I just wish they showed some upper body exercises you could do with this. But I looked up some for you. see links for the upperbody at the end


bandmate workout


1  http://pilates.about.com/od/upperbody/ss/Resistance-Band-Exercises-For-The-Upper-Body.htm

2 this link is the band with the handles; but I’m sure if you have one like the above picture  or in the 1st link you can figure out a way to adapt them for the version you have  http://www.sportsscience.co/equipment/elastic-band-upper-body-workout-with-photos/





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