10 Editors Share Their New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Beauty High

Berries Julia Khusainova/Getty

We always have a lot of resolutions when it comes time for the new year. Some may have to do with work or money, school, relationships, or even our health. Quite a few have to do with beauty, though! Whether it’s to take better care of our bodies from the inside-out or do a better job of following our own advice, beauty editors have some pretty interesting resolutions. Some may even mirror a few of your own!

“Mine is to Clarisonic my face at least twice a week. When I’m consistent, it makes a difference in dramatically reducing clogged pores and blackheads.”
Amber Katz, Rouge18.com

“I want to be better about eating specifically for beauty. I’ve been historically good about avoiding tons of cholesterol and chemicals, but my diet isn’t necessarily doing as much as it could or should in terms of giving me radiant skin or glowing…

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