Emotional Fitness

Being emotionally fit is not about being happy, it is about living life as it comes at you, getting through the bad  putting up with the boring,  and  enjoying the good.

quotes abut happiness

Pursuing happiness is human, but as the poet Priscilla Leonard noted                    “Happiness is like a crystal, Fair and exquisite and clear, Broken in a million pieces, Shattered, scattered far and near.”  

When we stumble on a bit of happiness, we need to embrace it, hold it in our hearts, put it in our good memory file, and then when it passes, live well with what is left until we stumble on another of those perfect crystal moment.

Happiness cannot be forced, cannot be chased; it comes and it goes, with a will of its own.   Pursuing it is human, but finding it is as rare as finding a…

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