Skin Saves: What to Do When You Find Yourself With Windburn

Beauty High

Ted Smith / Getty Images Ted Smith / Getty Images

A messy blowout gone astray with fly-aways, static, and frizz is nothing compared to the skin damage a rapidly windy day can do to your skin. We’d gladly take that over windburn any day of the week. This undesirable flush can be hugely uncomfortable and is a common problem we face in the winter months when we’re already battling a slew of annoying skin conditions. Curious to how this aggravating complexion shift even occurs or what windburn is exactly? You know, besides rosy, dry cheeks you didn’t ask for? We consulted the experts and got the lowdown on the cause and cure of this frustrating condition.

“Windburn occurs from severe exposure to dry air. It isn’t a sunburn or a heat burn but caused from the evaporation of moisture from the skin to the environment,” says New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf. “It is…

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