Tips and Tricks to Reduce the Appearance of That Annoying Blemish

Beauty High

Dimitri Otis / Getty Images Dimitri Otis / Getty Images

You look in the mirror halfway throughout your day and notice that your clear skin has been shockingly invaded by every girl’s nightmare—a blemish that has the ability to do some damage to your complexion. Your heart sinks into your stomach, right? And ironically, these things tend to show up a day or only hours before a special event where a pimple was never on the RSVP list. Fortunately, there are some things that could help reduce the appearance of that zit overnight, and that doesn’t involve caking on foundation—which, let’s face it, will end up making it worse—or canceling your plans altogether. Take a look at some of these tips, tricks, and ingredient suggestions and get to work on banishing the blemish.

Don’t Go Crazy With Face-Washing
After discovering you have a pimple, one of the first things you might instinctively want to do…

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