Emotional Fitness

Adding  Emotional Fitness Trainings Twelve Easy Exercise to your daily efforts to stay Emotionally Strong strengthens your fight against stress. Try one or two.

wavy staying strong

You probably already do many of some of these easy exercises. Most have come down as wisdom from the sages of yesterday and all have been found by researchers to ease tension and stress.

However,  walking is good exercise, but power walking is better, and  proper practice of these every day things turns up their power.   To be most helpful each exercise must be practiced with full awareness.

That is done by meditating before and after the exercise.  Sound too difficult? Nor once you have learned and practiced  EFT’s One Minute Meditation.

A one minute meditation


Here are age and stage tips for teaching children the 12 Daily Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises.

Parenting tip one: Teach gratitude before language starts  by using the ASL sign for “Thank…

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