5 Tricks For Dealing With Peeling Nails

Beauty High

Nail file Credit:
Carmen MartA-nez BanAs/Getty

Our hair and makeup may be the first thing someone notices from across a room, but it’s our hands that make an impression when they come over to say hello. Dry, scaly, peeling nails can be a major turnoff, and no amount of pretty polish is going to make that situation go away. There’s lots we can do though to protect our nails, and much of it is a lot like what we do for our hair and skin!

Protect your hands:
Our hands spend a lot of time in water and around harsh chemicals. Wear rubber gloves whenever you wash dishes and/or use household cleaners, says dermatologist Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael of Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser. Nails are very porous and can absorb water before we know it. If your nails are peeling, this may mean water has gotten in, and aside from peeling…

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