Sexual Abuse – How to effectively deal with it and contain it by InbetweenPeople (BLW Contributor)



  We’ve read the stories. We’ve seen the articles. Some even know other people who have been victims or even rarely, the perpetrators. The Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary defines sexual abuse thus: the activity of having sex or attempting to do so with a child or old person or someone who is mentally ill, against their wishes or without their consent. (Paraphrased)

        There are many parts to sexual abuse. It could be violent, taking on the characteristics of rape and other sexual offences. It could be done by deception of the victim. The common thread running through all sexual abuse cases however, is that the abuse is done without the person’s freely given and fully informed consent. 
        It should be noted that this despicable crime is not committed only by Nigerians/ Africans. It’s a very common problem even in developed countries. The America-based Rape…

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