How to Grow Out a Half-Shaved Hairstyle—And Have It Look Amazing Every Step of the Way

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With so many celebrities confidently taking the risk of shaving off a section of their hair (Cara Delevingne being the most recent girl to join the club), the appeal of the undercut or half-shaved style is clear. It’s an edgy statement that is incredibly chic, adds contrast to loose, glam waves, and is even more daring than a pixie cut. But with all haircuts, the need for change will enviably present itself to the person who owns this style, and the growing out process will begin.

As a rule, growing out your hair takes a little more effort than just measuring how many inches it’s grown in a month. When you’re growing out your bangs, you have to frequently visit the salon for trims or additional layering to help blend in those little pieces to the rest of your hair. So how do you even begin to grow…

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