Winter Hair Repair 101: Hydrating Masks

Beauty High

Imaxtree Imaxtree

Winter’s chill isn’t just nipping your fingertips—it’s also wreaking havoc on your hair. From scorching hot blow-dryers to frigid open-air commutes, your delicate strands crave moisture thanks to extreme temperature variants. The key to revival? A heavy dose of hydration from within courtesy of hard-working hair masks. We caught up with three top hair experts to shed light on finding the perfect version just for your hair texture, type and length.

Know The Difference
“A regular conditioner is used daily (or on a more frequent basis) to help smooth, condition and balance the hair. [Conditioner is] applied throughout wet hair directly after shampooing, combed through and  finally, rinsed out,” explains Ric Pipino, Celebrity Stylist and VP of Global Creative for Alterna Haircare. “[On the other hand] a hair mask is best used on towel dried hair, then applied throughout the hair in large sections,” he explains. “[Masks should be]…

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