Trivial Tuesdays Post

Emotional Fitness

When  you think you are right, you are probably wrong.  I could, however, be wrong about that.


As much as we like to think we think logically, the fact is we rarely do, we are designed to think emotionally.  Thinking is a learned skill.

Thinking emotionally is not always bad and in fact, can reduce stress. However, when  bad, mad, and sad feelings create problems, stepping back from your feelings and thinking more logically works better than going with your heart, your gut, or your intuition.

Emotional Intelligence is about thinking logically. Emotional Fitness is about helping you do that.  

Emotional Fitness tip One: When you are getting into an argument about who is right or who is wrong,  open yourself to the possiblity you are wrong or thinking emotionally. Ask yourself:

  1. Am I tired, stressed, hungry, sexually tense, sick? Each of these conditions depletes emotional intelligence and…

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