What this product does is diminish the appearance of the size of your pores … You wouldn’t need primer to do this & really that is not the main purpose of primer. but to keep pores small, use toner & when you wash after using warm water splash rinse your face with cold water. (warm-hot water opens pores so cold closes them. you should do the same after a shower) Primers are best to use first before applying Foundation/concealer It creates a barrier to keep the make up from getting in your pores and also makes it last longer! I have the Rimmel one and it works great. You can get one with a tint or you can get the white one that goes on clear.
If you have oily skin or if it’s the summer, a matte primer is best. Those who have Normal to dry skin esp. in the winter may benefit from one with a more ‘moist’ look.
I haven’t tried the other 2, (especially being I thought the E.L.F. brand was much more expensive than that) but I do love the Rimmel brand of products as I have found some rocking eye shadows and their kohl liner is great. but I wouldn’t change the Rimmel one pictured, though I wouldn’t mind a sample of the Elf one from @Influesnster to test!


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