Eyeshadow & Blushes


make sure your blush gives you a sun kissed looked,or like you’ve been int he cold.  If the color is too dark you’ll look like  a clown (especially if you have a a color eye-shadow on  (like blue, greens etc)


Eye Make-up

When you use mascara there are 2 tools you need! and YES YOU DO I see you all walking around with ‘spider legs’ above your eyes.  Get an Eyelash curler, AND the comb/brush as well for it. This will help with the spider look as when you just apply it dries & you can tell you are wearing mascara (& sometimes fake lashes even if you are not)


That’s another thing… Fake lashes yes while some are blessed with long lashes others are not. If you are going to use fake ones… try the version that’s not a Full lash.  They have ones where you can piece them in. More work but doesn’t look as fake.

(but if you do the mascara right, you won’t need fakes anyway)


I promise as soon as I can do a video and post it (sadly the memory card does not work in the slots on my computer) so I’d have to load it from somewhere else. But I Do plan to do a few videos of my own, applying mascara. Another for my make-up  routine.


Replies and feedback always welcome

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