Friday 13th Beauty

Do NOT drop any mirrors.


So I was thinking of what I could do special for Friday the 13th beauty wise. All I find is movie related, and it’s not coming out this year.  I love the nails (in the top one beautifully done) !  Going out tonight? Now i know it’s not halloween but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something a bit eerie, Gothic best yet, Prank your friends.

Here’s my Halloween Make-up FX page maybe you’ll get an idea


P.s. here’s a laugh for the ladies (or so I hope you will take it as such) … On any other day I wouldn’t laugh about it, but this somewhat bit of irony gave me a chuckle. To me Friday the 13th is lucky. I have a black cat who is such a sweetie, I was born on a Friday as well (however being as my birthday is the 19th.. I won’t have a friday the 13th birthday 😦  So my little story maybe the closest I get to one in a bit of sick humor.

So It’s around that time I am due for ‘The curse’ as I call it, and  It’s Friday the 13th  and I’m adding a happy Friday 13th to my posts. And maybe do a write up or 2. I get up to go to the bathroom and really ::sarcasm:: ‘Happy’ friday the 13th’ Mother Nature… You’ve have got a sick sense of (ironic) humor! 



Replies and feedback always welcome

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