Nail Spring

So the weather is getting better, or so ours says. Tonight (Monday  27 April )  I noticed my nails were pretty grundgey, uneven and frankly I can not remember the last time I gave myself what I call a base manicure.

I’d love to have done a video or include pictures but I may have mentioned in previous posts that my sd card for my camera, for some reason will not work in the slots I have.

So what entails a ‘base’ manicure?  Why it’s the first manicure of the spring (or summer) to clean and even nails out. Keeping them natural looking meaning NO COLOR, not even a ‘french’.


that would be a nail trim

a file & shaping

take care of any ridges      (I use this Revlon Beauty Tools Shape ‘N Buff Nail Buffer (link from amazon)\



use a growth formula (I use Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Nail Strengthener 3197 Strength)

& that’s all. The growth formula looks like a clear coat. so you don’t have to put any on.

Just message a drop of  olive oil into your cuticles every few days.



Now on Wednesday or thursday I’ll

remove the polish, (No need for filing unless you’ve chipped a nail)

soak my nails with a little soap, Olive Oil and Warm water  to get a better cleaning underneath and use a nail brush.

massage my cuticles with olive oil a bit

then after a bit I’ll use a q-tip with nail polish remove on it, to rub away any excess oil

Then  reapply the growth formula  (and maybe a strengthening top coat.)


a few days after that (or the next weekend) I will likely do some light color polish or try some of those stick -on manicures

(the ones that are the size of a nail that you just have to trim.)





Replies and feedback always welcome

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