Nail Art Wheel – Quirky Doodles

Baroquen Nails

20150107_113420I was supposed to have posted this last week, as part of my monthly nail art wheel thing but I forgot so I am posting it today instead :p. This was another one of those wheels where I just went with the flow and it resulted in some pretty, um interesting, designs. Yeah, especially that brown one at the very bottom…What the heck was I thinking? I mean maybe it would have looked better with different colors lol. Oh geez, and that yellow and purple one next to it… Uh huh that was supposed to be a flower, but it just looks like a weird butt hole. It is okay to laugh. Jokes aside, there are a few that are actually pretty cute; or at least have the potential to be. Like the burgundy one with the feather at the bottom right and the red henna one at the top…

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