academy of nutrition and dietetics – “stop worrying about saturated fat”

I don’t listen to all the ‘fads’ of what is or isn’t good for you. I really don’t believe sugar causes one to be fat. Why is that well for one it’s sugar and sugar makes some people hyper, hyper people move around alot more and usually can’t sit still, therefore any drink with it in it, is the ‘Original’ energy drink (like my Jolt Cola I can’t find anymore…2x the caffeine great for the college student all nighter or if you are stuck in a nightmare on Elm street movie!   Maybe if soda is all you drink then maybe I can see it helping to pack on the pounds.

Also think about it this way… if you eat something that was cooked with some (any) oil, well once the solid food is digested it passes through easier, when you stay away from fatty food you likely end up constipated.

another reason i don’t really listen to any of this stuff they say is ‘bad’ for you, is because maybe not that year but there has been more than one time that in say 3-5 years they tell you oh now its good for you. So just eat want you want but don’t over eat. an Only eat when you are hungry…. 3 meals a day (skipping breakfast is not good as you start to pack on pounds as your metabolism isn’t being used. Being as your body takes 3 hours to digest foods, likely you may get hungry in between so you are somewhat supposed to eat about every 3-4 hours. Eat a granola bar or fruit  a hand full of nuts to hold you over until your next meal. When it comes to dinner, I try to wait as long as possible before  (like say around 7 pm) having dinner this way I hopefully won’t snack as much (but remember as well no food 3 hours before bed) and if I do snack or want to have a dessert around 9 or 9:30 (i go to bed late) so really you are supposed to eat 6x a day it keeps your metabolism going, and if you aren’t eating it’s resting and fat is starting to be stored.)




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