Weight Watchers ice-cream review

I recently qualified from for 2 complimentary coupons to get 2 weight watchers brand box of ice creams completely free  to test and review from Influenster.  So what did I get? One that I wasn’t sure I would like which is the Dark Chocolate  and Rasberry.

Now I love Dark Chocolate, but I’m not keen on their being berries or fruit flavors along with it. The other I saw was Super chocolate cookies & cream bars  which wasn’t even shown on the card that was included with the coupons! There were other flavors like Strawberry Smoothie, Peanut Butter Caramel Ice Cream candy bar (which I would have got but I’m not a caramel person) also Vanilla Fudge swirl (which looks like the one you get from Good humor0 and Devine Triple Chocolate which I had in my hand before I caught the choco cookies &   cream bars.


So I have the 2 to try,

I opened the dark chocolate Rasberry ‘sticks’ first (being as I’m sure the others one I will love)

The Dark chocolate shell tastes smooth & creamy. It’s not a strong taste which I think is the reason most people don’t like Dark Chocolate. Another good thing is like other brands sometimes do, it tastes like chocolate not sugar and it’s not a bitter taste either. Initially I think I tasted the rasberry through the chocolate unless i got some rasberry on it when I was jsut rying a tast of the chocolate first.

The Rasberry Ice Cream is good but I think it can be improved on as by the time I finished the bar, I really didn’t taste the rasberry in it. I think the first 1-3 bites I could taste it and that was it which I think may have left me unsatisfied in my snack. Also the bar was  a few licks short of satisfying (I think 3-5 more bites would have satisfied my cravings) and with the flavor not really being their enough (I think the chocolate overwhelms the Rasberry flavor a little bit)  Weight Watchers has at least 2 things to improve upon. Because if you are craving something, and after you eat it and it’s not satisfied, you are going to keep snacking. Don’t get my wrong it is good but I wanted to eat another and I try not to have more than one snack a night

and from the Walmart site’s info

Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bars:

  • 90 calories
  • 8g sugar
  • 0g trans fat
  • 2 PointsPlus value per sandwich
  • Kosher

Verdict….   Mildly average but good effort


Chocolate Cookies and Cream 
The Ice cream is ok, but I think tastes more like the ice cream you get from the all you can eat places like it’s fake. It could use more flavor also more cookie crumbs as well, I can’t taste either of them and not even at first bite like the Raspberry Dark Chocolate ones.  Needs improvement
here are the official pages for Weight Watchers

Product Page: Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Products

Facebook: Weight Watchers Supermarket Foods

Twitter: @WeightWatchers

Instagram: @WeightWatchers



I received these products complimentary from #weightwatchersicecream  via @Influenster  for testing purposes. I have honestly reviewed the products in my own opinion and tastes.


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