Thinking of Getting a tattoo?

tattoosSadly I do not have one yet, but I have a few ideas one in which has been evolving since I was in Junior High school!

My problem is I just don’t know where I want it, and sadly I am not able to draw it to show my vision of it. Even if someone does draw t for me… I’d have to run it off a copy machine to do a few different color variations to see what colors I’d think would work best. I’ll just say the simple scorpion tattoo I wanted back then has evolved into something bigger. Also if I get a tat I want to be able  to admire it so my back and anything behind me is out of the question. If I could get it to look like a ‘bracelet or anklet’ for me that would be acceptable. There’s certain places I think tattoos should only be aloud on each sex (yeah I know that’s sexist and all but for instance, one in which is women having full chest tattoos. Now I worked with someone who had this done, it was a memorial tattoo but I heard her a few yers later say that she regretted getting it there.) Bracelets, Rings, inside the wrist for women. Back of the leg ‘shoulder, backs, etc for guys. and when it comes to getting a name tattooed it should ONLY be 1 of 2 things.. Your child(ren) names or that of someone who has passed through the veil.  Now the reason I say it should  only be one of those 2, is because when you get a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend heck even if you are alaready  married, that usually jinxes things.

I do not know of anyone who has has that type of tattoo done, and is still with that person. That tattoo also becomes a problem when you meet someone new. I’d advise if you did alreay do this, and you are no longer with that person, to get something done over it before meeting someone new.


px NA0817_TattooFullGraphic_C_MF  tat locals


Replies and feedback always welcome

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