Tool for building a Capsule wardrobe

I’m not big into fashion so please forgive me I have no idea what this is, it came up in a bog I follow and thought I’d share.

First off I thought WTF is a ‘Capsule’ wardrobe?  with that thankfully in the 3rd line they explain

“mini wardrobe made of versatile pieces that is essentially fixed.  Some people have one capsule or minimalist

wardrobe for all seasons while many others build capsules seasonally.”
that’s easy enough to understand so now this ‘tool’ I was wondering if it was something like Alicia Silverstone’s wardrobe one in Clueless. (I need a ‘smart closet’ forget all that other so called smart crap… I need fashion help.)
This is almost like having a personalized stylist for a major fraction of the cost (yes sadly it’s costs $15 but that’s like $5 per season)  Check out the original blog post and the step by step so wish stores had this to use (though there it should be free and it should do a printout of the items for you and then you can buy them at once or an outfit a week. and jsut tip the sales associate for the help in finding them for you (or just gathering them) .

Replies and feedback always welcome

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