Nail art decals collection

I have quite a few collections though some may be more like an addiction, which leads me to my nail art (stickers).

I have been sort of collecting Nail art decals for awhile. Any time I see something I like esp. if it’s at a dollar store. (I even get those ‘instant’ manicure stickers every now and again and even get a couple for a pal I write to in Italy!

I recently put most if not all of the collection in a small sport cards album. I can’t decide if it’s best to do this as a video to show or photos, but I think it would probably be less work if I did it as a video.

I have found some with cats, others with a tropical look as well as sea/nautical themed. I’ve even found some that look like the logo of the band Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbat~ here is most of my collection (I think I may have forgotten a few, and I can’t locate where I last put them to take a photo, so once I do, I’ll add them to this post.)  hope you enjoy


Replies and feedback always welcome

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