Period Panties….are they really a thing?

After seeing this headline “The Lowdown on Period Panties” for a blog I thought,  seriously?

I never knew they existed, frankly I prefer to use an older pair of underwear, especially a little loose, room for bloating. These look tight and uncomfortable. (Plus I have a hip & back problem and anything tight on that area aggravates them)

What are the prices…. (which I somehow knew I’d NEVER spend for one pair) the highest price is $38  the cheapest is $24.00 for a freaking pair of underwear!  Let alone going without using a tampon (or pad) GROSS if they came in a pack of 2 each for Light medium & heavy days  for The $38 THEN I might consider it, no WONDER they are offering $10 toward your bill to try them. Frankly unless they want to offer me a pair to try (whatever would be briefs) and see how I like them, they won’t get my money. Frankly I think they should offer beauty and health blogs that option no matter how many followers they have.

For the price of them… I’d rather just buy an extra package of underwear and save the rest of the money for a rainy day. or go order the fabric I would need to make a pair myself with what I already have. I’m sure it would be much cheaper! after all you only need about 3-4 inches of each fabric to cover.

P.s. for those of you like me that can’t afford these underwear…. any accidents… Use peroxide, gets the stain out awesomely!

the blog post for    The Lowdown on Period Panties

Thinx period panties


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