Fashion Flare

Meet the Nominees for the 2016 Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award

Modern Flare & some throwbacks

First the Modern


Look 1 & 7 doesn’t even have a flare, its nothing but a cut off and looks like its from  regular, straight le or skinny jeans

Look 2 just look like a pair of Yoga pants I had… and look three.. if someone showed up in front of me with those… I’d ask if they lost a bet…

Look 5, looks more like your pants were too long and did a lazy hem. (though that bag is quite interesting looking)

Look 6.. Is a little of both, and if they were 2-3 inches longer I’d say perfect for a club night.

Now  the REAL Flare

Looks 4 & 8 are the proper ‘flare term’ tho look 8 I would  consider those to be more of the boot cut style..

One thing I love about flares.. Proper jeans be they boot cut or full flare.. .. is that they make you look thinner. (forget skinny jeans.. honestly I don’t think anyone really looks good in them. and the skinnier you are well I’ve seen some where I swear a skeleton was walked out of the graveyard!





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