How to Find your personal Style

Now as I always say I suck at fashion & my style is just being comfortable. I don’t like tight clothes (that was left back in the 90s) Leave that for the single digit sizes, I like a little loose and breathable. I wear what I like and don’t care what people think. Maybe I still wear something ‘out of fashion’ from the 90s or there’s that one shirt i have , don’t remember how it was aquired but it reminds me of something from the 80s. Not sure if it is, but if it is hey that’s great! I like vintage to an extent and hell on the occassion I look for clothes in thrift stores, besides…. if they are already worn less likely they will shrink and another thing is its sort of like ‘renting’ cause if you gain or lose weight you end up selling them at a garage sale or just bringing them back as a donation. My last purchase at a thrift shop were a couple pairs of board shorts. I couldn’t find anything I liked in the women’s so I looked at the men’s they weren’t crotch cutters for one, and I like’s one of the designs on them being a light blue/green trim hibiscus flowers with an olive green/brown background and would match my new bathing top. The other was a pair of red Tommy Hilfiger board shorts. I got them as bathing bottoms if I go to the beach (as my bottom is a skirt looking thing ) I think the waves would pull down part of the elastic and possibly scare a few people!

I have a mix of things in my closet old & new some fit some I need to get rid of but love and for some reason can’t part with the item. (also shirts and things I do like that no longer fit, I like to up cycle them in some way. Make a bag or change what it is.

How to Find your personal Style


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