Archive | April 12, 2017

16 rules of makeup that turned out to be myths

Only certain people can pull off Red lipstick, considering some of what I have seen. NO, its not for everyone; but then I’m guessing these people did not have professional help choosing a shade.  Depending on your skin tone, hair color and maybe a couple of other factors depends on the red hue you should wear. If you are looking to wear a red lipstick.. Please pleas please do yourself a favor and go a department store with a M.A.C. counter (or whatever preferred brand you would prefer) and ask them to help you choose which red  is right for your skin tone etc.


Want to get lumps out of mascara? Before putting it on, use your brow comb/brush on your lashes with a little water.

Next put your mascara on, and then use your brow comb to get the clumps out and use a lash curler for them to have a longer look.

No Expiration date… WRONG!! Mascara is 3 months from the time of opening, Powders a year, creams 6 months a little longer if it’s a tube, or a pump bottle.) Now I haven’t seen any form of expiration signs on the general store brands, but I’m guessing the expensive department store ones would have it.


Make-up brushes, if used every day I suggest giving them a cleaning bi weekly to once a month the least. If you only use them when you go out on the town.. then every 3-6 months for cleaning.


Don’t keep your products in the bathroom or in an area near a radiator. because heat and even humidity can reduce the life of your make-up (or just dry it out which can be just as bad)

As for the color of your eyebrows… PLEASE leave those alone unless you want me to make fun of your naturally blonde self with brown eyebrows (that don’t look natural)