Royal Fashion Hacks

What hacks do Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and sister in law Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle use?

I have heard the royals can be clever and resourceful but adding small curtain weights into the hem of the Queen’s dresses (yes meaning it has to be re-hemmed or the dress is tailored for her).  I usually wear a pair of shorts underneath if I wear a skirt, and the first time I did that wasn’t because of weather. I did this as I was going to my first school dance and good thing I did. The boys were running and then sliding across the floor on their backs trying to look up skirts! When they did it to me, I laughed at them and asked what they think they see.

Before I get on to the Royal Hacks, I must touch upon the hats. Obviously used during special occasions, like Weddings, the Horse races (they even do it in Kentucky) but Is this the English’s way to let their Freak Flag Fly?

Those hats, one thing as an American, I don’t understand why some go from dainty to so

out there that you question the person’s sanity or vision (especially depending on what they are wearing the hat to). I remember one (I think at Kate’s wedding) someone was wearing it was black or charcoal in color (maybe both) on the hat was this bow but the way it was just looked horrible to me. Every time I saw it I wanted to yak. Looking at a search on bing I’ve seen ones that look like Cakes, other’s of Big ben, icecream + cone,  a tea pot pouring, and so many others. I watched Britain’s Derby (that’s like the Kentucky derby here) just to see the hats. I wanted to see what kind I would. Would they be zany being the Queen would be there or would every one wear nice small ones to ones not much bigger than their head, or would there be some that you’d swear aside from their dress attire, that it was Halloween, mardi gras or some other such holiday… like a Lady Gaga Concert when she used to wear all those crazy costumes. Do they have contests for best hat or something? Anyone out there that’s English please help me understand the Hat culture there. Would my Witches hat be acceptable, because aside from my Pirates of the Caribbean Fedora I think that would be my dressiest.

I would think that a hat that looked like a satellite would be a fashion Faux pas

and during the race, and that search on Bing I did, I have seen MANY wearing the ‘satellite’ hats.  I would prefer something across between Kate’s stylish can be worn anywhere but maybe with a little Fancy and zany but not too much.

Zany, Stylish and the last one I’d say is Zany and fancy. Even though it looks like a pile of ribbon on her head.

See the source imageSee the source image

Now here’s a perfect example.. Kate’s hat looks nice and lady like and great for anyone to wear. ‘pope’ Ri ri’s  I’d rather been seen with her then the one on the right to which I question the designer and the wearer’s Sanity and visual capabilities. (maybe that bow thing or door knocker is more like, would have looked nicer shifted to the side of the hat, and maybe in another color (or one or 2 colors.)

See the source image

I like that Duchess Kate, as far as I have seen,  wears nice small ones  unlike the one above that looks like it belongs in the Mardi Gras crowd (or comic con)  my only beef is some of the colors and styles she has worn, just do not flatter her. From the red dress to the Yellow dress she looks awesome. Total icon. Those 2 green numbers need to be burned (though I think in some ways the lighter green might be able to be salvaged, the only problem its not her color. even the blue one I don’t think the color looks right on her. maybe a regular blue but I think if she wore purple I think that might be her perfect color.  Honestly I wonder how those last 3 outfits would look on her in other colors.

See the source image

Now that my curiosity abut the hats is out there Here is

What do the 2 Princesses wear under their dresses to keep embarrassments at bay no matter wind, rain or shine?  

Markle wears shoes a size or 2 bigger for when one’s feet swell after all that walking and standing, but this too can cause blisters by rubbing as you walk. So be sure to include some cushions. Lucky for me the last shoes I bought (which was likely 99- 2004) never gave me a problem first they are high heels, but not twig thing stilettos. I’m more of a boot kind of girl so I like a thicker heel I haven’t worn them in awhile as I have not needed them but they are a chunk heel


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Replies and feedback always welcome

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