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What is The Beauty Balm

This blog was originally a page of my  Beauty Balm lens on the now defunct squidoo.com.    Now that the site is closed and the new site doesn’t fit the needs of the information; I thought it would be best used as a blog!   The original parts of the Beauty Balm is being posted to this blog as pages in the top menu.

There’s still plenty more to come! I have a file about an inch thick to get to going through. I write products reviews and other assorted ‘beauty’ topics and sub-topics as well as also re-blog articles from others that I like (as you may have previously seen).

again I am not nor do I claim to be a professional beautician; I’ve learned many tips and tricks over the years from a variety of sources.

The plan is to post at least once a month to  once a week   on one of these days

Make-up Monday

Salon Thursday  (Hair or Nails)

Fashion  or Fitness   Friday

SPA-turday    (Saturday)  anything skin care

Zi’s Beauty Balm  Guarantee

I will only write reviews  of my own honest opinion. That means  good reviews cannot be bought. I do my best to include what I do and Do not like about what I am reviewing and why. I also try to include ways I think It can be improved upon. 


I have not forgotten about you. There’s at least 2 pages (so far) for you ! Let me know of anything else you’d like to see here! Or even better put your own 2 cents in. If you have your own WP account you can write for the Beauty Balm! You can also find some fashion information on my Pinterest Board


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