11 Habits That Will Boost Your Metabolism

11 Habits That Will Boost Your Metabolism

Source: 11 Habits That Will Boost Your Metabolism


Four Secrets To Staying Fit And Slim From Japanese Women

Maybe this should have been the first post of the new year? For those of you watching your weight or in a full on diet.

Here is

Source: Four Secrets To Staying Fit And Slim From Japanese Women

Grazing : The subscription box review

Graze box pictureWhat is Grazing?

Normally we picture a cow eating grass in a field but us humans do this as well. We get a craving for a snack, & we go hunt that down, in the pantry, cabinets, and fridge.  Then we ‘Graze’  Or when I looked it up on Bing..

  •  eat small quantities of food at frequent but irregular intervals:
    “advertisers should not encourage children to graze on snacks or sweets”

If you have been finding your usual snacks, (be it healthy or not) not satisfying you as it once did?

Let me tell you about my new favorite find! The Graze box!

Great for grabbing a snack to take to work or school or bring your box along on a road trip, weekend getaway and so on as you may never know if you’ll find snacks as healthy as this…..They now even have a ‘sharing’ box. $25 for 5 packages great for those having mixed lifestyle (diet) guests.

A short time ago, I saw an ad in a magazine or something for the Graze Box from It sounded interesting, but I didn’t have the money for something like that. I don’t remember if there was a free code offer in that ad; or if so, maybe I just thought it sounded too good to be true so I didn’t get it.

So when I ordered a book from Barnes and Nobles and paid for it upon ordering, when I went to pick it up they opened the box it came in, in front of me. Among the papers was something for, this time a free code; so I told the girl I’d take that and she could get rid of the rest of the papers.

I left it on my desk for a bit to think about it, and then I decided I’d go on and sign up to see what kind of goodies they had.

The Graze box, is for those who are watching what they eat, eating healthy,  etc.  and is sort of like a sampler (or so as i see it).

If you check out their website , you will find they have a few different variations of their ‘Graze’ box.   There are a few variations of the 4 pack of Graze boxes  Savory, Sweet treat,  4 snack variety, Calorie count and Sugar count. There’s also an 8 snack variety and a ‘Sharing’ box. The sharing box is 5 bags of the snacks, great for a healthy alternative for a party.1 Graze

When I signed up they had  a way to note your dietary preferences, Spicy Food,  unsuitable for vegans, contains nuts, gluten or milk but I will note all their snacks are currently Vegetarian friendly! There are plenty of SWEET healthy choices as well as other choices, for whatever your tastes may be!  I looked through the snacks and what ones I knew I wouldn’t like i checked off to ‘Trash’ like the spicy stuff.

They have ‘buttons’ under the snack options,   Try (default),  Like, Love & Trash. So what was in my Graze box?  If you take a look to your right you will see. Oat,spelt   (WTF is Spelt?) & raisin cookie with berry compote was Delicious!  i wish I had more of the cookies! The compote was sweet yet a tiny bit tart I think but I like it that way and oh the flavor of it! I’m not a fan of the dark raisins, i very much prefer the ‘white grape’ ones. however regardless of either I don’t care for my ‘berries’ to be cooked. This was good!.

So in the Brooklyn bites you can see there are Poppy seed  pretzels, Cheesy cashews & Roasted Pumpkin seeds (so I’m saving that for last cause mine went up in smoke literally as our toaster oven was on it’s last leg and just decided to die on me.

Coupon Get your 1st & 5th boxes free!

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The Herby Bread Basket Is basil baguettes, Garlic Crostini and Oregano Rice Crackers. I’m not really one for stuff like this if it’s not fresh. But this was pretty good, my only complaint is the Garlic Crostini didn’t even taste like garlic (not in the slightest, it tasted plain to me.  So I need to send them a note that those have to be improved on.

Sound good? Just click on the coupon to et your 1st and 5th boxes free! And trust me it’s good, and it’s true!

You can read more about the company here

I highly recommend the company and with the coupon above you can get your 1st & 5th boxes for FREE!

(when I stopped mine at one, they didn’t even charge me so it’s worth giving it a try!)

Weights workout

Well now The Candy Eating holiday is over, and the Glutton Holiday of thanksgiving is a few short weeks away then Yule celebrations starting thereafter. So I thought adding some weights to your workout might help keep the pound off, or shed them a little faster!