What it means when you’re tired but have a sudden burst of energy before bedtime

You go on with your day maybe you are like me and no matter what time you wake your brain (or body) doesn’t seem to officially wake up until 9am maybe noon.

I have never been a morning person, actually .. that might be a bit of a ‘lie’. If like me you remember Saturday Morning cartoons in the 80s, then that MIGHT have been the only time. I remember they used to come on at least at 9am and were on until 1-3 in the afternoon. (They may have started earlier but I’m lucky if I remember what time I woke this morning.)

In High school I wouldn’t go to sleep until Midnight (the latest), I’d be fine the next morning.  When I was working (and I usually got up the last minute I could as when I started the place my house was up the hill so If I had to walk it was only 15 minutes to get there.)  Here no matter the time i’d go to sleep (usually 11pm unless I fell asleep earlier) I never seemed to be able to ‘wake up’ before 9am (Brain body whatever) even my Boss knew better than the bug me before then. I was basically just a robot til then. Noon I’d be even more aware. Then it was down hill a few hours after that, and around 3 or 4 I as well as my co-workers would seem to perk back up again.

I’d call that 3 pm the 2nd wind of the day, but what they call in the article below, is not a 2nd wind. (maybe 3rd wind).

With me if I go to bed at a certain time every day (like one does while working) that is what happens to me. So sometimes its a good idea (like when you have the next day off or on vacations) to stay up later past your the usual time you go to bed.

Due to medical problems I am not working, one of them being Anxiety. When they speak of your mind Racing, that is what mine would do when I’d try to fall asleep when I was working. Sometimes it still does. (It’s your anxiety of the day usually, things you wish you said problems and even things you need to get done, what you want to really do instead of those things and so on)

I like to read an hour or so before bed, I normally read print books for that but I do occasionally read on my kindle.  Also I do play games on it for a bit as well, that never seems to be a factor to falling asleep. I do have melatonin by my bedside for the times I have to get up early and think I might have a problem getting to sleep (because I have to  go to bed earlier than I usually do) Sadly when I take it, I end up waking up earlier even if its just for a minute or 2 but it still makes it hard to get up (as if I stayed up all night) you are supposed to take them half an hour before going to bed. And I do so, I also have an over the counter sleeping pill which I take a few hours before bed so I will hopefully not be so groggy when waking. (Sort of helps and I stay asleep)

You can even have some warm milk (or even better hot cocoa..) and don’t tell me you can’t drink milk.. they have plenty of substitutes for diets and those allergic to actual milk. That (if no one else is already asleep) I can make, otherwise I usually just have the fits when I can’t fall asleep. I’ll lay in bed and it’ll have felt like an hour then I get antsy and anxious and panicky (especially if I have an appointment or something to do the next day.) The only thing I can really do is read awhile then try to fall asleep again.

I usually try to put the laptop or tablet away 3 hours before I plan to go to bed. I read or I might just watch tv, write a letter or work on some other form of my writing (Blog posts, taking notes for one of the pages on my blogs Like I have a Vampire Bible, Or The Norse Culture on there’s Stories I’m writing, Poems or notes for a story.)  Yeah I know I have way too many hobbies/interests. Really Wish it could only be one or 2.

I notice that when I get creative, it wipes me out a bit. Maybe if you do something creative, like sewing or making a bracelet or necklace or just try to plan how you may want to re-arrange a room might help you out.


What it means when you’re tired during the day but have a sudden burst of energy before bedtime

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How A Pair Of Rainbow Socks Changed My Life – The Mission – Medium

See the source imageAfter reading this story, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. You see I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety and I thought this was something that might help others. I like those crazy novelty socks I have a pair I call my ‘movie socks’  as I usually wear them when I see a movie in the theatre, they have popcorn and popcorn bags on them. I also have a vampire mouth on another pair. Some socks have cats on them I have a pair with Scooby doo as well a small collection of Halloween socks.

If you are feeling glum be it depressed for the past month or more or just sad for a few days.. push that gloomy cloud away with a special treat for yourself…

For instance, the story that inspired this post  How A Pair Of Rainbow Socks Changed My Life – The Mission – Medium

Buy yourself something out of the ordinary than you normally would. only wear solids? Get checker, stripes, polka dots wear pastels? buy bold or neon colors heck mix the previous and that together. Better yet look for something that is the craziest, ugliest or something that actually makes you laugh when you see it.

Find a hobby. If it’s is some sort of craft, the progress and completion of even a small project will make you proud especially when and if you use that hobby to make gifts for friends and family. People are surprised when they hear you made something yourself. (and it’s so much better than what I feel is empty praise when you are a kid and draw something that looks like a scribble)

Here’s some of my creations (photography, Drawing, Jewelry made and whatever else) and some newer stuff


Have a pet? cuddle with them, pet them let them lay in our lap. Pets lower high blood pressure and if your pet is anything like my cat Sully, they should be full of laughs. If not You can see any videos I post of Sully on YouTube on Rocklvr76 as well as all the other cats and animal videos on there. (try a cat compilation)

Honestly I do have a guilty pleasure but I never feel guilty about it so does it count as one? If I catch Tom and Jerry on (the old ones I grew up with) I’ll watch and they still surprisingly make me laugh. The newer ones not as much but sometimes do have that good old formula but can’t beat those old ones. Same with Looneytoons.

In closing  if you get mad don’t just curse or insult someone, give yourself (and maybe even the idiot who is pissing you off) a laugh.

Put  3 words together with the same first letter like “You’re an abstract asinine ant-eater” or abstract asinine artifact…


Let me know your insults and what you got that makes you happy and chases away the blues.


signs you have mental fatigue

When I’m feeling Mental fatigue or like it’s getting to that point I know if you say one more thing… I’m gonna likely make you  sod off!

Another thing is I start getting a headache in the back of my head  (a barely there one that doesn’t actually hurt, but feels more like a  pinwheel spinning in a breeze in a way)

I get physically tired and my Body aches

You could also chalk this up as an minor Anxiety attack as well.


7 signs you have mental fatigue

This is what happens to your brain when you’re anxious

I came across this and it gave me more perspective on my own.

When people ask if I get palpitations, shortness of breath and the other symptoms.. really do you think I can record everything or even be aware of what’s going on with my body. All I know is something just unleashed some sort of hell on me! (and frankly should the actual underworld the religions think exist really be true…. I’d rather be there, than here cause to me the place of Hel is a freaking cake walk compared to having an anxiety or panic attack. Add having Depression on it as well and frankly it is LITERALLY Hell on earth (and no I don’t mean the Hell in Michigan)

I know some of you may only go with holistic therapy or some alternate type but honestly I asure you to see a counselor than can prescribe something that would be right for you.  I do get anxiety attacks but not like I did, also all the crap that used to get me upset well I guess the meds work as I basically say F you to those things now.

When I’m in an anxious state I don’t feel in control, also I feel as though I don’t know where I am even though I do (you understand that?) For those of you that have not experienced this, it’s hard to explain. If you have a friend of family member that is going through this or depression… just be there for them when they need someone or when they ask for help.

Be sure if they are showing signs of depression to take them to the emergency room. I learned that was the only way to really get the help you need!