Four Secrets To Staying Fit And Slim From Japanese Women

Maybe this should have been the first post of the new year? For those of you watching your weight or in a full on diet.

Here is

Source: Four Secrets To Staying Fit And Slim From Japanese Women

Food for Skin

I found this on Facebook or was it Pintrest one day

You heard of Food for thought, well here’s some for healthy skinskin food

Benefits of Aloe

Gearing up for the summer and the beach, and other outdoor activities, I know some of you do not UAE or forget to and don’t apply every hour as youbare supposed to. So I wanted to bring Aloe and its benefits to your attention.

Its great for sunburn, as well as if you burn yourself cooking. Once my aloe plant gets Big I harvest it, and take the gel and juice, put a bit of fresh lemon juice to preserve it and stick it in back on the top shelf of the fridge.

How to buy essential oils online

Ways to Use Your Essential Oils: Lavender a bedtime lotion must. *YES: