Fashion Passion

To start I’d like to include a chart on how to measure (so you can get the best possible fit in clothes and in case you want to try making something  yourself


A lot makes-up what clothes would compliment your body.Taking body measurements

Your skin tone, for colors, & patterns of material, your height, Body type (Pear shape, slim etc) Thickness of legs for type of boots to wear and whether they should be tall or ankle sized. Here we will try to work on figuring out what that would be for each of us.

First and foremost Always purchase what you feel fully confident and comfortable in (even if some people may not like the style, screw them)

If you like it on the hanger but not sure if you like it on you, just put it back and save your money. Move on. Then there’s also that you like it in the store buy it and go to wear it… and don’t like it when you try it at home.  More likely (as far as my experience goes) it will either take up room in your closet, and If you wear it then you may likely have a bit of  ‘nervousness’ about how it looks on you, fussing with it or asking how you look  in it which makes people see you as self-conscious.

the 7 bags every woman should own

Spot that Fake designer Handbag!!

Every wondered what that little pocket in your jeans REALLY is for?

 jeans teeny pocket  purpose

I knew about this before they even said anything. I’ve done it all my life, wear my jeans a few times then wash them & here’s the reasons

Why you should never wash your jeans

my reason is I hate when they feel new & tight. Basically the 2nd & 3rd wear is usually perfect which upon or after the 4th or 5th wear I wash them. but read & decide for yourself..

shoelace designs

Guide to Ear Piercings Definitions Diagrams

Fashion inspired by American Horror Story: Coven 

Inspired by Taissa Farmiga as Violet Harmon on American Horror Story: Murder House.

I accidentally  reblogged this to the wrong blog & now it won’t let me blog it to this one so I thought this looked like something Blake Lively (Reynolds) would wear 


See things like this I need as a reminder to myself when I want to get dressed all nice and look fabu…

Like this....

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Attention Readers

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