Purse Trend

I saw this purse trend and went nuts. I always loved the old ‘hat boxes’ and ’round bags.

I do have one of these but it’s a hard hat box I guess you could call it. A family friend gave me it me. (will try to include picture)

The very first picture and Look #3 are my favorites. I used to have a round purse of sorts, sadly I must have gotten rid of it as now I need a bigger one to carry my kindle which I usually have with me, especially if I know there’s going to be a free WI-Fi spot to hand out and relax while on errands.

Though at least one of those noted in the link is over one thousand dollars (really? why would you spend that much on a current trend when likely it will be around for a few months then gone? I swear there should be a cap even on the big expensive brands for fashion items)


Here’s a search Affordable Round Purses, I like the Clock face one best It’s a great price and reasonable shipping)

Here’s another I like  though it costs more money but at least it’s not in the hundreds (or thousands seriously?)

Try also vintage Hat box, Round Vintage purse

Maybe I can understand if its the one and ONLY purse you will have for the next 10-20 years and will work for every season as well along with every outfit you wear but for me that’s a bore! I like cloth during the summer (and spring depending on how the heat and humidity are) and when Its the cooler weather it really doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t belong on the beach. Though I prefer something black or brown and if it’s leather looking I have no problem as long as its big enough to fit what I normally carry plus I can fit hat, gloves etc in it should it be cold …(so far, we are having a warm winter)

Four Secrets To Staying Fit And Slim From Japanese Women

Maybe this should have been the first post of the new year? For those of you watching your weight or in a full on diet.

Here is

Source: Four Secrets To Staying Fit And Slim From Japanese Women

Incoming: Hot New Beauty (product) Launches to Check Out This January

As part of being an Influenster I  get the heads up on some ‘new’ or up-coming products. Here is a slide show from Influenster on the the January products to be launched. (granted there are a few I think I’ve seen and have been out for a bit already)



New beauty trends for 2017


These brushes are pretty! I like the one with the red and the purple brushes best sadly there’s no information on where they will be available or how much (which I’m afraid to even know)


How To Look Like A Million Dollars Even If You Aren’t A Millionaire

We all know Millionaires have their eccentricities but their fashion much of the time I question more than my own.


Source: How To Look Like A Million Dollars Even If You Aren’t A Millionaire

Necklines, there’s Trashy and there’s elegant…be elegant.  If you wear those platform shoes around me and fall or anything in front of me… YES I AM laughing at you. They look ridiculous

size is my problem… a lot of the time I can’t find a comfortable women’s t-shirt. No matter what size I can fit into Xl or double the shoulders always feel so small. Also I like air flow I always feel hot and tighter clothes make it worse. Also I have some super over large shirts and sweat shirts to wear around the house. They just feel more cozy than a regular nightgown (plus if I have a last minute guest, no matter how big the shirt is I’m sure to have one that will fit you! Then I have a larger zippered sweat jacket that I have so in case I wear something under it but its from Canada so likely I won’t get cold in it, (unless I go upstate)

under the combining colors, that blazer does not look navy blue, it looks black and to me, nothing looks wrong with it. Those not crazy for what the girl in the black & white outfit is wearing. Too boring…


as for the jewelry… even if you wear all one type of metal/color limit up to 2 rings on a hand. (your engagement/wedding band on one & 2 on the other if you must. For me it just looks like you are showing off and therefore telling the muggers to do so.