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Make Up Storage by EcoTools

this was posted by Ecotools to their blog I really didn’t want to post just a link so I thought maybe I could add my 2 cents in if I had anything further to mention.

nail polish and nail painting4 Phrases of Makeup Storage

      We’re all suckers for the latest beauty trends. But just like your go-to makeup routine, there are some methods of makeup storage that will always be tried and true. The biggest factor is often the weather, which poses unique challenges for keeping your makeup, and ultimately you, fresh and beautiful. Keep your products at their peak by remembering these four phrases of makeup storage.


Storing some of your products in the refrigerator can prolong their shelf life and keep them performing like they’re meant to. Chilling your eye creams and serums can help counteract oxidation which causes the ingredients to break down. The coldness can also help reduce inflammation and puffiness on those early mornings. Nail polish is another product to keep cold, as the low temperatures keep it from separating and help it apply smoothly. Your fragrances deserve some fridge time, too, because warm temps could turn them into completely different scents over time.

Beauty Balm- Too true my favorite Givinchy scent though mostly finished or evaporated got some weird musky burned scent.

Just remember if you do not have room to store in fridge just be sure NOT to store your scents in bathroom, the humidity could do the same.


While being in the sun boosts mood and promotes vitamin D production in you, it’s not so great for your cosmetics. Those rays peeking in can cause your makeup to deteriorate at a faster rate, so remember to always keep your makeup bag stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. In addition to deterioration, sunlight can cause your eyeshadows and blush to change color over time. Also, try not to store your makeup bag in the bathroom, because the humidity from the shower can change the consistency of your products. No one likes a cakey bronzer!

B B- told you so about the humidity and I’m pretty sure it is no good on your face while in the sun on the beach. Really I have seen women on the beach full make up as if they were going out. They also go in  the water and I swear it is hysterical as they try not to get their face wet. 


When your favorite brushes (like theLovely Looks Set) meet your favorite cosmetics, beautiful things happen. But when you’re not applying, always store your makeup brushes separate from your actual makeup. This will help prevent additional bacteria from building up, and can help your brushes last longer. Plus, we’ve all had cosmetic spillage in our makeup bags, so keeping your brushes separate means less things to clean. Last but not least, your brushes are much more likely to keep their shape and structure when in their own case.

Bonus tip: show off your beautiful brushes with these lovely ideas from Slashed Beauty.

B B tip…..Of course they do make a liquid  brush cleaner as well as a cleaning tool . If you do your make-up every day.. it’s a good idea to either clean them each week but at least (items mentioned previous are amazon links so you know what to look for as well as if you’d like to order.. If you do, thank you) 



Chances are, there’s a lipstick or powder compact buried somewhere in your handbag right now. Taking your makeup out of the house is a reality of life, which is why your at-home habits should also be practiced when you’re on-the-go. Our handbag must-haves? Travel-sized versions of your favorite concealer, lipstick or stain, mascara and powder compact. Keep them all together with a mini mirror in the pouch that conveniently comes with the travel-sized Mineral Set. Storing them this way will also help prevent a bigger mess if one of your products happens to melt or break, because unfortunately we’ve all had that happen.

Looking for more ways to make your makeup last?  These trickswill help you get the most out of every product.


BB I don’t use make up often, but I have a mini eyeshadow, my lip stick/gloss a chapstick and one other thing in my purse though at the moment it’s not in a cosmetic bag as its too few items to bother with that for me, and it’s in that back zipper anyway.


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