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I think the article says enough. But you need to reapply any SPF every hour and if you are fair more often than that. Especially If you are about to go in the water! I have Olive color skin, and the only time I burn is when I go in the water. When I don’t go in the water I don’t burn this is at the beach but no matter I always put Sunblock on and NEVER EVER buy something like this at a dollar store! (well unless it is the brand name so I know it is as least legit) Be sure to get a separate SPF for your face. (esp. if the one you have is left from last year don’t use on your face)

Here is the brand & SPF I have suggested NO-AD Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 85 16 fl oz (475 ml)

as for what to use to soothe a sun burn with, search the blog for Summer, Sunburns, Sunning etc. also you can check the Spring into summer page in the menu as well as checking out the  other beauty balm pages Skin Sin might have some there as well

Frayed Mama

I do not usually do things like this, but I felt compelled to share our families experience, so hopefully no one has to suffer like my son did.
Last Wednesday our family decided to go swimming so I stopped in at my local Dollar Tree to pick up a few toys for the pool. While I was there, I thought I would grab some extra sun screen just in case. We get to the pool and I rub our family down with sunscreen and get to our oldest son, who is 9, and had to get a new bottle out. Lucky for me, I grabbed some at the Dollar Tree, so we used that on him. We were in the sun for about three and a half hours and reapplied his sunscreen once. We head home and this is what our week looked like for our 9 YEAR OLD!!!


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