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Sharpie Manicure ideas

Bored in class? Got a sharpie? Well color yor nails, or if they already are, freshen it up  with some polka dots, stripes or some other patterns (or even characters, or an upcoming holiday design)


10 Fabulous Sharpie Manicure Ideas (Are You Effin' Serious?!? Why Haven't I Done This At Work More Often?!?)

Create Your Own Nail Polish! It’s easy and fast!

I’m currently watching Batman v. Superman so I’m auto-posting with a how-to all the way from Italy by my friend Cindy from   her Pinky Life blog, and I thought to share it with you.While you are there.. let her know I sent you~

It’s an Easy tutorial on how to create your own Nail Polish colour!

Source: Create Your Own Nail Polish! It’s easy and fast!


Her blog covers a variety of things, beauty, crafts and more so I hope you will check it out.

-KimMarie (Zi’s Beauty Balm)

Fashion Friday ~ warm fall & winter styles

DIY Open back shirt


Stay warn without compensating style


6 looks to live in this fall and winter 2015/16

Skin Treatments

Baby Oil is good for getting off some of that Halloween Make-up… like loosening latex and that sort of stick stuff.

Astringent which lemon juice can be used as… can be used to clean up grease paint (that stuff you paint your face with)

between the 2 you should be cleaned up in no time. Just remember to use soap & water after. using the baby oil.

DIY skin care remedies