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11 Make-up and Toiletry Organizers…people swear by

Or try a deluxe organizer for your shadows, glosses, and other little things: Heck I could use this not just for make up etc. but for a desk organizer, even a display to sell jewelry and crafts I made!

I have loads of make up old or new, and YES I know the old needs to be chucked out, but I just love the color too much and its no longer sold. I still have my old Caboodles carry case as well as my big Sassaby one both in storage (I would swear in mine there’s an extra compartment that you could put hair sprays in)  but I would like something other than the drawer in my bureau for my make-up (plus whatever is on top of it) I have a caboodles or whatever organizer as well, (again in storage) but that may end up being desk fodder at some point instead.  This one on the right I like for the top of my bureau as you can see everything in it. I juts don’t know if there will be enough clearance as mine is also a hutch.

That hanging bag I do love for travel a well as the toiletry set (I have something like it) but for that much money I’ll stick to the Michael Kohrs (sp?) hanging toiletry bag I got as a hand me down. (I won’t buy brand name stuff but I’m not against getting it free or in a Thrift store! (but then I usually don’t notice it is as I don’t really look at the names, just the style and if I’ll like it on me)

What I need for a make-up organizer is not just make up but side holders (good size ones) for at least 5-10 bottles of Perfume and same for lotions!



‘Spooky’ Eyes lenses

I hate fake or ‘Plastic’ people. By this I mean not only those that are being nice to me to get something. But the ‘plastic’ especially entails fake physical features like nails, eyelashes (we can all tell they are and make you look like you’ve got ‘spider eyes’ ) or their skin (any surgery done unless it was a serious medical reason). You should be happy with the skin you are in (born with)  not how people think you should be.  When it comes to eye color well I always loved blue eyes and was curious to what I would look like, besides when it also comes to those crazy contacts for costumes and such well… that IS still me being me I love Halloween so no matter what color or design I get, so long as others know its not my real eye color, and that I’m honest with those that don’t then I’m not being ‘plastic’ I see trying a different eye color as putting on make-up;I am enhancing my look.  Finally I was able  to get to see what I look like with blue eyes!


My bill and the product packaging.

Spooky Eyes is based in the UK and specialize in  beautiful natural colored and  Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. They stock  over 500 colors & designs for many different occasions (they have contacts for any holiday!). Once I checked the website I was surprised to see the reasonable low prices! So far the lowest I found was $15.95!   (I’ve never seen colored/creepy contacts for a price that low!) for some of the ‘Natural Looking contacts.

These are a great way to experiment with changing your eye color, or to enhance your look. From natural green and blue, to sparkly and party colors, plus some amazing Halloween lenses to die for!

I was able to receive a complimentary pair to test and review. I had to pick 3 styles/designs but would only receive one. I guess this was in case they ran out of something.  One choice I remember was a violet color, another was I think a red one for vampire play and the last was this Spin Blue one (pictured below)which I thought looked interesting.

They have a great variation of Vampire, Witch, Zombie and even werewolf, and that’s not just one or 2 options for each; but I’d say at least 20. The same goes for the black out & white out styles! They have  ‘Crazy Contacts ‘ Color contacts, Halloween (with loads of options I previously mentioned & Natural lenses for just changing your eye color… even to purple well they say Violet!!! You’ll have to check out the site for yourself!

Spin Blue from Spooky Eyes

here’s a close up of one of the contacts in the packaging.

Now for my Lenses….

They showed up’blister’ packaged in solution (which for some reason I was not expecting). One of them was harder to open than the other, maybe I opened them at a different end. The right side in the picture with those 2 circles, I think is the side you are supposed to pull from, so that it’s easier.  Once I opened the packets I put the contacts in a case with some  Renu solution I purchased on July 22. My mother used to have prescription contacts back when I was in grade school. So I sort of have an idea on some of this.  Looking at my Dark brown (almost black) eyes, I’m wondering if you will even see the lens design when I have them in.

I was trying to get at least one lens in the right eye and it was just not co-operating, so I started to try the left. I almost got in a time or two; but as my dad says ‘Almost only counts in horseshoes and grenades”. The contact would only partly go in my eye and then hang out on my lower lid. So  I packed it in for the night and thought to try again the next day.

So  I was trying to get the contacts in before we ran out on an errand, this way I could get used to them.  Sadly I was not able to get even one on before going out.  Before dinner I was able to get the left lens in, then waited a bit to get used to it being in my eye first before trying to get the other in my right eye.

I can tell you 2 things.



Hi all, it’s me ‘in the raw’ So I took this shot to show the difference. I have deep dark brown (almost black) eyes, and you can still see the color over them.

1. They are harder to put in than you think (even when you know someone you’ve seen put them in before)

2.  You know it’s in (or at least close) when it feels like there’s an eyelash in your eye.

These are thin soft Color Contact lenses that once you are used to them you won’t realize you have them on, unless of course you pass by a mirror.! Just be sure to keep a small purse size bottle of moisture drops with you the first few times (say 5) you wear them.


When you are trying to put them in (besides always cleaning your hands well) be sure especially if you have nails like I do, to DSCN5790be DSCN5782careful not to tear them.

1.Put a bit of the Renu solution in the lens (I am pretty sure that’s how it clung to my eye instead of my finger)

2.When you first get the whole lens in your eye as I previously mentioned, it will feel like there’s a lash in your eye. Just..


Ok I look a bit witchy in this like ‘I’m going to get you and your little dog too’

Ok I look a bit witchy in this like ‘I’m going to get you and your little dog too’

3. Keep your eye closed for a bit and let it tear, say up to 30 seconds then open. Take a few moment to get used to that one being in your eye then

4. try getting the other in (and try not to get distracted by your new eye color in the process). Once you have got the 2nd one in repeat #3

If these are the sort of lenses used in movie & TV the actors  have to wear and they are complaining about them, I need to swat them all! If not then I scream out to Hollywood… These are the ones to use!

So, what do you think of me with blue eyes?


see more on the  SpookyEyes homepage,or go directly to the  SpookyEyes DSCN5795spin blue product page.



Other items mentioned

(as I did not know the company had their own affordable kits)
Bausch & Lomb ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution- 2 Fl Oz
TOOGOO(R) Emoticon Print Green Plastic Contact Lens Case w Bottle

If you want to keep track of when to change your contacts use Lens Alert from AC Lens as these say they are yearly on the side of my box.

Beauty Tricks JACKPOT

Don’t stress!! It Messes with your whole system~ Especially your face and surprisingly your hair! (& No it’s not from just pulling it out!) Go get a massage, & relax.

Skin & Aging

Use a slice of lemon & rub the back of your hands & even face with it. (it will work as an astringent) It lightens age & dark spots also if you want to lighten your hair a bit… put some lemon juice in a bottle some water as well & spriz it on before & while at the beach. This will be great if you make ‘sea spray’ which includes a bit of gel for texture as well as some sea salt

When I was a kid I used to love sleeping on my stomach, I still like to lay down on my stomach & watch tv for a bit from time to time but if I do it too long it bothers my back. Since I have mainly slept on my back petty much all my life (when I wasn’t sleeping on my stomach) I have come to figure out that it is for the best,  I’m in my late 30’s and many still think I’m in my 20s! (still getting carded 50-60% of the time!)  so sleeping on your back is apparently ‘natural’ plastic Surgery to keep those wrinkles away and not accelerated aging.

*For pimples don’t just drink Chamomile tea but also apply it to the breakouts

Green tea is great for breakout (& better yet preventing them) as it is an antibacterial You won’t want to use the natural stuff straight as it stinks (if you do stay in the house oh & an added plus it’s great on mosquito bites I hear)  Make Ice Cubes with the green tea & dab/rub the afflicted area 3 times a day  to soothe, &  Reduce redness & swelling Great to use as a 2 in 1 Astringent & toner!

*Besides sleeping on your back another thing that will help is using a satin or silk  pillowcase, as Cotton cases crease and can cause them on your skin creating wrinkles. However knowing the way I sleep… I doubt these will even help!

*Use yogurt, honey, mashed avocado or sugar as an all-natural face mask.

* Hot showers dry out your skin! Take a warm shower, and eventually turning the water down to cool. This will help to close your pores.

* (& Nails on this one ) Take a cup of milk and warm it in the microwave. Soak the hands for 5 minutes. This helps hydrate the skin and strengthen the nails.

Slice a potato and put on the acne affected area. You will note that it reduces the skin irritation and also helps with  healing  as well.

Over time drinking through a straw or smoking can exaggerate lines on the lips and around the mouth

Put 4 tablespoons of baby oil in your bath water. Your skin will be silky smooth in no time. (if you take showers, then BEFORE drying off, rub baby oil over, Rinse off a bit & you’ll be nicely moisturized!)

Shea butter softens skin, reduces inflammation and improves the appearance of scars and other discolorations.

Shea Butter may ‘improve the appearance’ of scars, but if you use Vitamin E when the wound is still fairly fresh (like a day or 2 after you get it) start apply vitamin E directly to the wound (of course with a piece of gauze over it) and it will keep the scarring down with little need to use shea butter. I learned this out for myself!



Take a cup of milk and warm it in the microwave. Soak the hands for 5 minutes. This helps hydrate the skin and strengthen the nails.

Sticking your nails in lemon halves for five minutes will help brighten nails instantly.



*Choose a lipstick shade that has a cool or blue undertone if you want your teeth to appear whiter.

*Use soft pencil along upper and lower lash lines then brush matching shadow over the line to intensify the color.

*Flaky Mascara? Throw it out. The #1 reason it flakes is that it’s old & has dried up a bit. you need to replace mascara every 3-6 months


The best color Eyeshadow to use with your color eyes (as I have learned from Almay)

Purple looks great with brown eyes as well as green and metals Especially Copper!  but really Our eyes look great with any color esp. when they’re almost black like mine!

Green looks great with natural earthy based  tones like Golds/Kahki, sand & even some ‘clay’ colors not the orange tho… it needs to be more neutral there’s one that has a red yet purple tone that’s the best one & let’s not forget Purple (I love the way the colors look together)

Bring out Blue eyes with earthy tones as well as greys & pinks



*Fatty Omega -3 acids like salmon & Walnuts help lengthen hair naturally

*Vitamin E can make your hair shine. Good sources of vitamin E include: brown rice, nuts, wheat germ, and leafy green vegetables.


*Cucumbers can be used for dark circles and swelling by the eyes. Slice cucumber and put over eyes, keeping them there for twenty minutes.

Tea bags (with caffeine) will help reduce swollen eyes. Simply soak in water then leave the entire bag on each eye for 5-10 minutes.

Put your eye cream in the fridge for a few minutes before applying will help reduce puffy bags faster.  (we put Noxema in the fridge Oh how nice it feels when you put it on, especially if you have a sun burn!)



Life Beauty Hacks & other Assorted stuff

http://thebeautytips.info/women-s-‘ideal’ body-types-through-history 






Perfume Map http://instagram.com/p/mQ2rHgOcY-/

Brighting Mask http://instagram.com/p/oWv-zFOcQe/

SaVe mascara wands http://instagram.com/p/ytQrP4Ocf2/

Hairbrush-ology http://instagram.com/p/ytPCe7uceI/





Female Probs



Keep in mind I may later add some of these into the static pages

Eyeshadow & Blushes


make sure your blush gives you a sun kissed looked,or like you’ve been int he cold.  If the color is too dark you’ll look like  a clown (especially if you have a a color eye-shadow on  (like blue, greens etc)


Eye Make-up

When you use mascara there are 2 tools you need! and YES YOU DO I see you all walking around with ‘spider legs’ above your eyes.  Get an Eyelash curler, AND the comb/brush as well for it. This will help with the spider look as when you just apply it dries & you can tell you are wearing mascara (& sometimes fake lashes even if you are not)


That’s another thing… Fake lashes yes while some are blessed with long lashes others are not. If you are going to use fake ones… try the version that’s not a Full lash.  They have ones where you can piece them in. More work but doesn’t look as fake.

(but if you do the mascara right, you won’t need fakes anyway)


I promise as soon as I can do a video and post it (sadly the memory card does not work in the slots on my computer) so I’d have to load it from somewhere else. But I Do plan to do a few videos of my own, applying mascara. Another for my make-up  routine.