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Back to school….Fashion programmed

I remember each back to school year I think I would get 2-3 pairs of jeans/pants and a few new tops from T shirts, to button down blouse and a new pair of shoes or boots and sneakers plus a purse of course and backpack.  I was maybe a bit more fashionable when I was in school but now….

I suck at fashion, I like my t-shirts and jeans (and not even the women’s t-shirts, they just don’t fit my shoulders right, even when I buy 2-3 sizes bigger!  So when I saw this

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(well the picture) In a sense I  thought, about The Jetsons cartoon & Clueless.. you know where she has the closet & the computer program that has all the clothes programmed into it and ‘tries them on’ via the computer. Sadly as far as I know, that  does not yet exist, and have yet to hear of an app for that!..

Now something like this would be great for back to school, the new clothes you get you could add in and have a way that the program sorts the various items into different outfits, and if youy want to take the time, you can add your earrings and other accessories, (purses, belts necklaces etc) to show what looks best, the you won’t have to take so much time trying things on! (You could sleep another 15 minutes, maybe more!)

Why not do something like that for yourself? Do your own fashion show both for spring/summer & winter/fall wardrobes.  Take photos of all your clothes (with or without you in them) even if you want to do it by outfit! Just remember include all shirts you can wear with one pair of pants/dress etc together. If you can leave the bottoms with those & use something between those and the next as a divider (maybe a jacket ? That goes with it all.) make life easy and make an album on facebook or print the photos out and put them in a photoalbum this way when you get rid of something you can delete/throw that one out and take a new photo to add. If we had a program like this, then some of us would likely not be as long getting ready.

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