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Product Review~ TimeStrip Monitoring

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I have been looking for these for years. I forget when and how I originally heard of them. I’ve looked on Amazon and even ebay. and found nothing. This time when I didn’t find anything and checked the company’s site, I found a way to contact them.

So I mentioned I had been looking for them and that I thought they would be great if marketed for beauty products to keep track of them easier.

Now I thought if I received a reply they would ask me how many subscribers I had, individual hits and all that. To my surprise they did not, and they surprised me again when the UK company sent me a package of complementary items of the product. Not to mention,they didn’t just send 1 or 2 of each of the strips, but they sent a little case with (I haven’t actually counted) I’d say 6-8 pieces each and not just of one time. They sent me a few  varying times of 1 month, 3, 6, & 12 month strips to test.

Time and temperature Monitoring Solutions

Upon opening the package there’s a brochure and now I know why I couldn’t find them. They have them listed for use in:

  • Blood Banks
  • Clinics
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Testing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccinations
  • Veterinary
  • service reminders
  • maintenance

to sum it up, any thing that has an expiration or where you need to keep track of time, even if only to show the next time to take your car in for a check-up.

There are a couple of things to be mindful of:

The stock products run accurate to specification ( +/-15% tolerance ) at room temperatures of 22C  or 71.6 ferinheight .

As you’ll see there is no battery and they work by the movement of a liquid through a membrane. The engineering team calibrate and match the membrane and liquid (veg oils etc) so the timing is accurate.


My interest for them is mostly based on keeping track when to throw out my cosmetics after opening them; however you can use it for food too. There’s just one drawback… It needs to be at room temperature, which means no fridge or freezer. I do hope at some point they will find a way to make a line of them that can be used in the refrigerator as well as the freezer. They would great for the food that gets pushed to the back that you find a month or so later and is so gross you have to get rid of the storage container.

So I started one to try on my fairly new L’Oreal Lumi compact.

The time strips are easy to use, they have ‘power buttons’ just press until you see a red line and you are good to go. The 12 Month ‘button’ is on the back.

On the right you can see I used a 12 month strip and should be able to see the red line on the right.

Of course I had to wait a month or two so I could properly review the product and make sure it worked. Not to mention try and come up with ideas for other uses. I was also trying to think of ways that maybe I could get the company to sell the strips on amazon or in stores in the U.S. These would be good to keep track of medications, even if its to just remember when to order your refill.

So not only do they have the long term strips which a few ideas I came up for were…

1 month – good for organic/natural items (like if you make your own facials, hair masks etc)

3 months good for mascara

6 months Good for Foundations, creams (including the ‘cream and powder In one & liquid liners.

12 and 24 month tracker   great for powders (eyeshadows, bronzers, pressed setting powder)

aside from cosmetics (which while writing this review I have come across a version for by a company I’m guessing by the looks of the writing on their site is either Czech or Polish or somewhere within that region)

I also though that some Natural Lotions, soaps and such that you would buy at farmer markets, craft shows or even from my favorite body goodies, Lush where yes they do include an expiration date, but a time strip is easier to see especially for those that are optically challenged.

Another idea is I got was inspired by a few Halloweens ago. I dressed up as a mummy with my own costume I put together. For my face I used little gauze pads to stick to my face, but when I went to use my gum adhesive it was dried up. So the resourceful person I am I use some Elmer’s glue diluted with a bit with water. So I think the make-up FX industry could use these as well.

Then there are those crafters ie: artist’s paints, modeling paints, glues and others that use liquids for what they do and yes that stuff does have a shelf life (but that’s another post for another blog, but I will say climate, temperatures and so on go into that)

And as Timestrips has listed they are also useful to certain professions. Maybe they can even come up with extended years (at least a 5 or 10 year) for wines, or homemade beer, mead and that sort so you know its fermented yet and then when it should be drank by (if like my dad you only put a few beers in the fridge at a time.. just remember they are good at room temperature only… maybe I’ll come back to this at a later time and use a one month strip for something in the fridge (as I do have an aloe plant that has few leaves that need to be harvested.)

Also thankfully they sent the strips in small plastic containers so they arrived safe and were not accidentally activated while in transit. When I’m done with the strips, I can reuse the containers for beading projects.

So basically I guess I’m trying to say is that they can be used in a variety of ways in every day life. Personal, Professional, and hobby. Not to mention they can be used for food in some ways. Like when you make baked goods, does anyone still make bread from scratch? You can use one of the 7day strips.  Or for a Bake sale you’d likely need a 1-3 hour one depending on the item being sold.

Another idea, now In a way I am joking but for parents…  Whether you want quiet for awhile, or are giving them a time out, why not slap one on them, (not literally) and have the quiet time. Also as with anything  they should not be in reach of children, but you can always send them to their room and turn on one of the Hour strips for a little me time and time out for them.


You can find their Brochure  and other information attached on this Evernote document  I set up.


TS 201   – 1 Month

TS 172 –  3 Month

TS 019 –  6 Month

TS 121    12 Month

they also have short term time indicators. there’s 1 hour, 12 hours up to 7 days. (but why skip from 1 to 12 hours? Why not a 3 hour even a half hour? The 1/2 hour, 1 and 3 hour would be good for summer time outdoor recreation, especially a friendly or family gathering at the Beach. Those potato, Veggie and other  salads are not good to leave in the heat (and I know there are some and have seen them, just pick something up from a deli on the way and not even have a cooler of their own to bring it in. (and the coolers for each family are usually jam packed, if not with food then with ice.) 

Time strip make custom indicators (size wise), but the MOQ is high @ 100K

Their time strips for Hours as well as temperature strips, would be great for Buffet style restaurants. The time strip say  a half hour to and hour to leave the food in the buffet before it has to be refreshed. (too bad that can’t be a law everywhere if its not already, as well as all leftovers should be donated to shelters)

The temperature strips I think some can be used in a refrigerator

Now if only there could be one that can be reused for some of the uses. (of course not on food)



I will send YOU one of each strip to try yourself.

If anyone has a blog that this will fit in your niche topic, please send me the Link and your information in the form below.

I just ask that you pass the word on to contact them (through their site) and let them know we want these to be available to the public in stores In the U.S. and across the world.


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as always  I will only write reviews of my own honest opinion. That means good reviews cannot be bought. I do my best to include what I do and Do not like about what I am reviewing and why, as well as try to include ways I think It can be improved upon.

Signs your body is in sugar shock.

Regardless of what anyone says about sugar, I still don’t believe about it making you gain weight. My belief stems in a bit of logic, as well as experience!

Think about it, for some it makes them hyper, hyper = more movement…more movement = ‘exercise’ and therefore weight loss.

This I know of as when I was younger I definitely drank soda more often (maybe at least one a day if not more depending if I was hanging out or at home). My first school dance, (this in Junior High) they had soda, and after drinking a few cans I started jumping off the walls.

Now I am not and really never have been one of those people to drink soda every single day (but I’m sure on the occasion I have like around a certain time of the month) If I buy a 20 oz. bottle I usually drink it through the day. I might start say at lunch and finish sometime after dinner (or when my prime time shows are on) Honestly as long as you are NOT drinking a 1-2 liter bottle a day then your good. Also as long as you do not guzzle it down.   There are foods I prefer to have a soda with rather than water or water with some flavoring in it.

The american Heart Association notes that the recommended  consumption is no more than 9.5 teaspoons of sugar per day. However  American adults consume an average of 22 teaspoons daily, while  the American child consumes 32 teaspoons of sugar each day.

While Americans are the most obese people in the world, and in North America.  78 million adults and 13 million children for an average of  35 percent. They deal with repercussions on their health from being overweight. It is estimated that the average American adult is 26 pounds heavier now than in the 1950’s.

NO sugar is NOT 100% at fault for this. That 2014 bill the mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg introduced an initiative to ban the sale of soda in quantities that exceed 16 ounces at fast food establishments. It should be no more than an 8 oz glass, however the purchase of larger quantities say 20 oz or bigger like the largest big gulp from a 7-11 those people may be on the road for the day and need to keep awake.

What everyone needs to learn is moderation! As far as losing weight goes I’ve been writing down what I’m eating but not all the calories etc.  When you can see what you are eating and writing it down you can adjust through out the day.

1. Spurts of weight gain

As we’ve discussed, sugar is a catalyst to weight gain. It increases blood sugar levels, which in turn primes our body to store more fat. Furthermore, sugar does little to nothing to create satiety, or feelings of fullness.

This is because not everyone knows how to eat right. Protein  foods keep you feeling satisfied to full longer. Instead of Potato chips try a handful of walnuts and almonds maybe some soy and Endemame (I can never spell or say that right) beans.

 2. Constant cravings

Sugar is a complex carbohydrate – a type of food that not only stores fat, but causes sudden cravings.

Honestly the only cravings I get are from the stupid commercials on they show on tv. (either that or one that has been programmed since my grade school days! Oreos!! YES! there is an Oreo time and that my friends usually kicks in somewhere between 9 & 9:30 pm!)  Then there’s certain words to say like Canolli, You WILL be buying me one if it comes up… I made mom cause she was watching some food show. Sometimes something in a book ‘m reading gives me the urge but honestly I have more than enough stuff I get from the holidays to go through (sometimes takes me longer than a year) I don’t give in too easily, its the times I get a craving for something that’s NOT available in the house that drives me nuts especially when I don’t know what it is and so I eat the house!

3. Feeling lethargic

Similar to caffeine on a smaller scale, sugar can stimulate our nervous system in the short term.This  leads to a “crash” that indicative of sugar’s suppressive effect on our metabolic system. Known as “reactive hypoglycemia,” a glucose (sugar) crash creates sudden feelings of fatigue after consuming a large amount of complex carbs.

Instead of using your usual amount of sugar or sweetener, try using honey or maple syrup, or Agave. Also check out Chia seeds they have a lot of healthy uses. One of the blogs I follow uses them as an egg substitute in their recipes, They retain more water so they are great to make your own fitness /endurance gels same for throwing in yogurt and other foods they will keep you feeling fuller longer.

4. Liver problems

Similar to alcohol’s effect, sugar can wreak havoc on our liver function. Known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), excessive intake of sugar over a long duration of time can irreparably damage this vital organ. Interestingly, sugar metabolizes in the liver the same way that alcohol does. As such, this can lead to fatty liver, insulin resistance and abnormal fat levels in the blood.

Related article: 7 Signs You Need To Reset Your Digestive System

5.  unexplainable health issues

Granted, this last one is very broad. But the truth is that excessive intake of sugar is toxic. Anytime that a toxic substance is introduced into the complex entity that is the human body, countless health problems can surface. This is the result of sugar directly or indirectly producing systematic, harmful responses in the body.

Many people diagnosed with diabetes visit the doctor with no other complaint than feelings of tiredness. Sugar can be the root cause of anything from obesity to impaired vision, from headaches to insomnia. The only way to truly know for certain is to  severely restrict the amount of sugar that you ingest on a daily basis.

If nothing else, our bodies and minds will become much, much healthier as a result.


everyone keeps complaining about all of this, health stuff, at least the kids have gym class, how about instead of us adults having to go before or after a tiring day at work to the gym or even at home, why can’t they have 20 minutes to a half hour (not your lunch) that you can exercise, or at least have something that can be used at your desk (I know they have some bike type thing…)

I can understand weight gain in adults. Between working, maybe you sit at a desk all or most of the day, You had kids, and then having kids, is hard to get in the work out (they are the work out!) but with the kids well now and days with all the computers, tablets etc its no wonder they are obese. Back in the 80s and 90s I don’t remember many of my friends being over weight. They may have looked it but back in the 90s,  depending on what side of fashion you went with the clothes were so baggy almost everyone looked chunky or pregnant If they didn’t dress like a banger (metal head).


Influenster Resolution Voxbox review


The Unboxing



@Popchips Cheddar & Sour cream ridges

I was skeptical about. While I do Like some of their products, I wasn’t sure about cheddar and sour cream together. The verdict??? They’re good. They combined just the right amounts of each to be able to taste them both. Another thing unlike most sour cream (and onion) chips they usually taste very salty. If this has any, I’d be surprised.I let my mother try one when I opened them, she liked them but got an after taste she did not care for. As for myself I did not, but after eating a few myself a but quickly, I’m not digging the aftertaste. Maybe need to have a drink or snack on something between each chip.


Twitter & Instagram @popchips


Fabreze One Fabric and air mist starter kit

I was almost out of my air effects bottle which is 9.7 .oz and you’d save to buy a whole new bottle.

This is the Fabreze One Fabric and air mist starter kit;  normally $5.99 with the refill as $3.99. I think that’s a better deal than having to buy the fabric and air must separate…even though my fabric re-fresher  is 27 oz.The one bottle saves space and money. You can find it at Target but I greatly hope I can find it in Walmart.

I received the Orchid scented spray. I sniffed the bottle before spraying as my family and I tend to not always like the same scents. Some aggravate my allergies, others my mother’s. For once we both agree on a scent, so I hope I can find this Scent when we go to Walmart, or something else that’s light and flowery…maybe lavender.

You can spray a short spritz or a long (non aerosol) spray to gently clean odors away without heavy perfumes (mom or I do not like) and no dyes.

I think this formula works better than the previous ones in the air as well as on fabric. I’ll put it this way…I have an old blanket from the 90’s I just can’t let go of so I made this the subject of the test and would you believe it actually worked. Honestly the previous solution worked, but not as well to clean the

smell(s) away from this blanket. ONE removed the deep down layers and lasted for a longer time as well.


Crispy Green Crispy fruit

The card Influenster sends when you get one of their sampling boxes notes they send one out of 6 flavors; I received the Apple, but sadly the card does not note what all the flavors are.

These 100% All Natural Freeze Dried Apples are nice thick pieces, with a little crunch.. so no more excuses you want some crispy chips and reach for a potato chip. These have got crunch, they are light only 40 calories 0 from Fat, they don’t taste overly sweet like someone added sugar, and looking at the nutrition info again, it’s only 7 grams of sugar which I think is less than a ripe juicy apple. I will tell you something.. I will be looking for these at Walmart when I go  I just can’t decide if I want to get a 6 pk..(wonder if they come as assorted flavor packages..if not then THAT is how I let them know to improve on the product, as well as need bigger slices, not just thick but full slices, (they are more like a half of a slice)

A .36 oz. Bag is supposed to be $1.49 and a 6-pk of bags for $7.99 and I have found a list of the flavors. Wow I can have a ‘chippy’ fruit salad (yeah sorry that joke fell flat even with me)

  • Apple
  • Asian Pear
  • Banana
  • Cantaloupe
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Tangerine


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Orgain Protein Bars




Twitter & Instagram @Drinkorgain


Now I have a bit of a beef with Protein bars…

  1. I have yet to see one that is actually appetizing looking.
  2. Many taste like someone put a dumpster in a blender.
  3.  Many don’t even look like it’s made of what it says
  4. They rarely taste like what they say they are supposed to.


As you may be able to see from the image, I got the Cookie Dough flavored version. No it tasted NOTHING like Cookie dough.

As for the taste, it was either passable or I was so hungry when I ate it that I just didn’t notice.

(I usually keep something in my purse in case I’m not hungry in the morning or not able to eat breakfast before I run out the house)

I would say it’s passable cause there have been times I was super hungry, ate a protein bar and it still had a nasty taste, but Orgain needs to improve on the flavor of this.

Burt’s Bees Protein powder

Had to wait a bit as our blender died and had yet to find a new one; thankfully a week before my deadline Walgreen’s had one on sale.

I tried this first with just a taste of the powder, and it might be OK enough to just use in some water.

So the new blender gets blessed by Burt’s Bees (plant based) protein with 1 cup banana, 10oz Orange juice and 3/4 of frozen blueberries smoothie with a scoop (I used a heaping teaspoon.) Of the protein powder. It tasted good except the banana wasn’t ripe enough for me, I could still taste the orange juice a bit (I’d rather use pom juice to make my smoothies or even skim milk.)

I prefer fresh fruits and berries to frozen, tastes so much better. However I don’t think I put enough of powder in. It didn’t make me feel satisfied or full.(so I would not snack late night)

I will say one thing, when I closed what I left in the pouch it came in…some of the powder overflowed out and it felt like silk or satin. I will have to experiment with this and making smoothies. The ‘cups’ that came with my blender are more like a tall slim 25 .oz pitcher, so a scoop may not be enough for that size, although what I made was 1/2 or 3/4 of 25 oz.  (I think it’s as long as my forearm! So basically that’s breakfast and lunch in one cup er let’s call that pitcher cause calling it a cup just does not work for me.

So I’m still not sure about this one, other than you’d probably be able to just put it in my water and just drink it that way.


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Orabrush  A DenTek brand tongue cleaner

So far I already have tried a tongue scraper and have 2 round tongue brushes, one with hard bristles and the other soft.


The bristles on this subject are plastic and sort of look like a cat’s tongue.


Using the Dentek brush, I don’t know if the  bristles really do anything, but that darker pink, at the top of it, works as a scraper. Now even if it’s not meant to work as a scraper, it’s a better one than one (at the top) in the left image, which is also from the Dentek subdivision which I’ve trashed recently wasn’t a good design compared to this new brush/scraper design.  There are times my tongue gets that feeling like it’s been soaked in cotton, and that’s when it’s a great time to use this brush/scraper.

I would say definitely a step up from past designs  but I still think it a shame these companies haven’t been able to successfully combine a toothbrush and a tongue scraper/brush design. The one’s I’ve had on the back of the toothbrush are not wide enough, and the scrape design just doesn’t work. I wonder if they could make a toothbrush in this fashion so that instead of having to buy a separate item and like me forgetting to use it after… To just combine the two.

#Orabrush  A DenTek brand tongue cleaner




Sabra Guacamole

Mom likes this stuff so I told her when she has it I’ll have a taste. For me I have finally found something that grosses me out enough to literally gag repeatedly!

I think my quote was…”It tastes like slimer”

Now mom on the other hand says it tastes good. So if you already like the stuff, you will like it.

(Should have used the denttek brush to help get the flavor off my tongue

#Sabraguacamole Grab & go


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*I received these Items free from Influenster.com to test and review. All opinions are my own. 



The perfect snack for summer or any time~

Food for Skin

I found this on Facebook or was it Pintrest one day

You heard of Food for thought, well here’s some for healthy skinskin food