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Establish an Effective Skin Care routine

Healthy habits and a comprehensive skin care routine will help you see the skin you’ve always wanted.

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So I came across this on Pinterest  and there are a few things I think I’m going to have to change for my version when I write it up. (Which I may do in my 2018 BUJO. Some I will use others I don’t really need to follow liek the make-up brushes, I don’t use make up often let alone aside from some chapstick or gloss I don’t use it in the summer (rarely, I will put a smudge of eyeshadow)

Exfoliate I would say is best every other day and if you have sensitive skin 2x a week. Although if you are a tanning buff like me (i do use 100SPF but I tan fast as well!) I would exfoliate everyday (or night before) especially your legs BEFORE you shave with a pumice stone or preferably a Loofa  (and no its not the shower Poofs…  They make them for your face too!)

go in the sun and use some baby oil while you still have water dripping on you. You nor a boyfriend or Husband will be able to keep yourself from ‘petting’ your silky legs. And it won’t burn you that way you still get the tanning effect from the baby oil but you will have your sun block over it so you won’t get burned.

weekly Exercise? Thought that was supposed to mostly be a daily thing!!?!?! Though I really hear every other day

I’ve read once a month is fine for cleaning your make up brushes, but then I guess that depends on all the different colors etc you use.

‘grooming eyebrows’ should be bi weekly not monthly especially if this ‘grooming’ means waxing or tweezing. Don’t forget if you get your eyebrows professionally waxed, that you can go a month without having to go back if you maintain it. After a week or even a few days check to see if any hairs have emerged and tweeze those buggers out! This way you stay polished looking and don’t have to pay whatever it is every other week. (or even cheaper, DIY! My Wax cost me no more than $10 and it takes a lot less time than even if you have an appointment you sometimes have to wait… then go through it… it takes me no longer than 5 minutes to do my own.


You should condition your hair weekly and month should be a deep condition or hot oil treatment (especially if you have split ends) If you use product in your hair, blow dry it even in summer, or or is just naturally dry and strawlike… you will want to use conditioner every other wash, and once a week use a deep moisturizing conditioner. (and may I suggest a leave-in conditioner.)  also if you have naturally dry hair.. instead of every day (which is what is drying it out… try every other to day or more… say you last washed your hair on Sunday.. wash it on Tuesday night or wait til Wednesday. This way the natural oils can seep into the hair to smooth the follicle as well as you won’t get split ends much. And if During the summer use a little conditioner and sunblock mixed to smooth on the ends of your hair and your scalp. (this way your head won’t get burned nor your hair fried!




signs you have mental fatigue

When I’m feeling Mental fatigue or like it’s getting to that point I know if you say one more thing… I’m gonna likely make you  sod off!

Another thing is I start getting a headache in the back of my head  (a barely there one that doesn’t actually hurt, but feels more like a  pinwheel spinning in a breeze in a way)

I get physically tired and my Body aches

You could also chalk this up as an minor Anxiety attack as well.


7 signs you have mental fatigue


For those of you that do not suffer from either I thought to let you know what it does feel like from the mouths of those that do. NEVER tell us it’s our own fault. (though some need to be forced to see help)


Keeping ‘cool’ during a panic attack

So we are changing things up a little today its Monday a day that no one likes whether you work or not. I thought this would be a better option to deal with the week and the people around you.

I get anxiety & Panic attacks, and with the hot weather they seem to come easier than usual. So I thought to help you all out (even if you don’t normally have them)

Your Mind races and you start to panic and you become nervous and  more anxious because of this. The following techniques can help you control and break that anxious train of thought.

In your office

Count files or books on a shelf for at least 1 minute

On the street

Focus on picking out all the yellow or red cars for one minute

at home or anywhere

Breath Deeply and picture the air filling your upper and lower lungs. (I usually picture a hawaiian landscape with bodacious waves  😉  )

Slowly exhale and say the word relax under your breath.

Let your muscles go limp and picture yourself holding this position for 10 seconds before repeating it at least 3 times


Other things I try to do to keep from getting one or when I have one:

This one works for both…. Listen to music so nothing interrupts what you are doing, for instance those annoying noises like car alarms, any beeps, phones and other sharp loud ‘sudden’ noises oh yeah lets not forget that annoying  shrill voice (think Peggy Bundy)


If I can I walk away from where I am (if that won’t work try to excuse yourself if not…then try singing a SOOTHING song in your head or something hardrock or heavymetal to get rid of the angst feeling!)


I try to read or watch a movie/tv