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This is what happens to your brain when you’re anxious

I came across this and it gave me more perspective on my own.

When people ask if I get palpitations, shortness of breath and the other symptoms.. really do you think I can record everything or even be aware of what’s going on with my body. All I know is something just unleashed some sort of hell on me! (and frankly should the actual underworld the religions think exist really be true…. I’d rather be there, than here cause to me the place of Hel is a freaking cake walk compared to having an anxiety or panic attack. Add having Depression on it as well and frankly it is LITERALLY Hell on earth (and no I don’t mean the Hell in Michigan)

I know some of you may only go with holistic therapy or some alternate type but honestly I asure you to see a counselor than can prescribe something that would be right for you.  I do get anxiety attacks but not like I did, also all the crap that used to get me upset well I guess the meds work as I basically say F you to those things now.

When I’m in an anxious state I don’t feel in control, also I feel as though I don’t know where I am even though I do (you understand that?) For those of you that have not experienced this, it’s hard to explain. If you have a friend of family member that is going through this or depression… just be there for them when they need someone or when they ask for help.

Be sure if they are showing signs of depression to take them to the emergency room. I learned that was the only way to really get the help you need!


ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep aid


The latest product I had to test for Influenster was the Zzzquil nighttime sleep aid.

I suffer from Anxiety so sometimes I do need to take something to get me to sleep.  The only bad thing is some sleep aids, leave you groggy even when you get the full 8 hours of sleep or even more than that.

I’ve tried simply sleep and that is one of the ones that leaves you groggy and I feel unfocused (because my eyes feel droopy) most if not the whole day the times I’ve taken it.

* Small Cool Purple liqui gel tabs

*Use only for the occasional sleepless night

*I fell asleep in 15-20 minutes

*I slept Soundly and though I did feel a bit groggy when I first woke, it only took a bit (maybe 15 minutes) for it to pass

*It’s not for pain (wish though) and it’s not a cough medicine.

*Non-habit forming

*ensure time to get sufficient sleep 7-8 hours.

another problem when I take sleeping pills (or even when I have a cold.. when I take cold medicine…) I feel it though it may Zi Approved PRODUCThelp get me to sleep, that it ‘wakes’ me up. I don’t sleep through the night when I take these sort of things. So that was a big piece of the criteria I was going to judge this on. It passed!!! I didn’t wake up during the night when I took it

I usually go to bed at 2 in the morning (I just can’t sleep before that) and usually I don’t sleep a full 8 hours with or without a sleep aid. I usually use Tylenol PM and just take one, It helps, but I think I’ll be switching brands

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary (free) sample of the product noted from Influenster to test & review.

Keeping ‘cool’ during a panic attack

So we are changing things up a little today its Monday a day that no one likes whether you work or not. I thought this would be a better option to deal with the week and the people around you.

I get anxiety & Panic attacks, and with the hot weather they seem to come easier than usual. So I thought to help you all out (even if you don’t normally have them)

Your Mind races and you start to panic and you become nervous and  more anxious because of this. The following techniques can help you control and break that anxious train of thought.

In your office

Count files or books on a shelf for at least 1 minute

On the street

Focus on picking out all the yellow or red cars for one minute

at home or anywhere

Breath Deeply and picture the air filling your upper and lower lungs. (I usually picture a hawaiian landscape with bodacious waves  😉  )

Slowly exhale and say the word relax under your breath.

Let your muscles go limp and picture yourself holding this position for 10 seconds before repeating it at least 3 times


Other things I try to do to keep from getting one or when I have one:

This one works for both…. Listen to music so nothing interrupts what you are doing, for instance those annoying noises like car alarms, any beeps, phones and other sharp loud ‘sudden’ noises oh yeah lets not forget that annoying  shrill voice (think Peggy Bundy)


If I can I walk away from where I am (if that won’t work try to excuse yourself if not…then try singing a SOOTHING song in your head or something hardrock or heavymetal to get rid of the angst feeling!)


I try to read or watch a movie/tv