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Tip top tips from @TheBeautyTips



-Pepto Bismol can be used as a facemask to reduces redness acne and shrink pores

-Dab acne with nasal spray and Visine eye drops. They shrink the blood vessels and therefore remove redness

-Grape seed oil is believed to enhance hair growth. Give your scalp a message using this oil before bed

-Nails yellowing? Use a denture cleaner tablet and put it in water to soak nails.


(Me.. if your nails are yellowing usually it’s likely a fungus,  so you might want to use some bleach in that mix as it will not only kill the funky fungus bacteria it will also brighten your nails as well.  I use it once a month and my nails never get yellow!   Depending on what you are going to soak your nails in, fill that container ¼ way with bleach, & ½ water. If you want I’ve also done it where I just used the bleach on the top of my nails& then only soaked the tips of them (not whole nail just enough of bleach & water to be about ¼ “high)


  • The fewer ingredients in a product the better it is for sensitive skin
  • Apple + Kiwi + Cucumber = Complexion improvement
  • Maintain a fresh glow to your skin Mix honey & water & drink daily every morning.
  • Use a flesh toned pencil to line lower inner eye rims to look well rested
  • Drink herbal or green tea at least once a day to help detox your system
  • A drop of Olive Oil rubbed nightly into your nails will help them grow long and strong
  • To stop make up from fading through the day or night use a primer (I prefer the white/ or clear) before putting on foundation.
  • DIY nail brightener Hydrogen peroxide dip for 3-5 minutes then rinse with water.
  • Green tea ice cubes are great to have on hand. They reduce swelling around blemishes and sooth the skin. Use 2-3x a day Another plus, it can be used as an astringent (I have a bottle of Lush’s Tea tree oil version this company is great for those that are vegan, as most if not all the products are vegan).
  • Sweet potatoes contain lots of Vitamin A. The A= Anti-aging

(p.s. I have also included these on the proper pages as well for quick reference)